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Main The Dai Vernon Book of Magic

The Dai Vernon Book of Magic

This book is a classic of magic and includes Dai Vernon's linking rings
moves and cups and balls routine. It uses high quality B&W photos
throughout to show many of the moves. Each routine ends with an outline
of the routine, which is great for practicing from.
CONTENTS IN BRIEF INCLUDEForeword: How the Book Came To Be,
and Some Introductory Remarks by Dai VernonIntroduction: About Writing
the Book, by Lewis Ganson
B&W Photo of "The Professor”Chapter 1: The
Background to a Legend. Biographical notes on the magical life of Dai
VernonChapter 2: The Vernon Touch. Lots of anecdotes about other
magicians such as Nate Leipzig, Malini, and others.Chapter 3: A Chinese
Classic. Routine for Coins Through the Table.Chapter 4: Penetration of
Chapter 5: Three Ball Transposition.
Chapter 6: Application of
the Tenkai Palm.
Chapter 7: The Linking Rings.
Chapter 8: Seven Card
Chapter 9: Malini-Vernon "Three Coins from One".
Chapter 10: Expansion of Texture: Copper & Silver placed in
hanky.Chapter 11: The Challenge.
Chapter 12: Dai Vernon's Double Lift:
with a well covered get ready.Chapter 13: The Cups & Balls. Dai
Vernon's routine is a must study for effectiveness and routining.
Chapter 14: Nate Leipzig's Card Stab.Chapter 15: Tips on Knots.Chapter
Six Card Repeat.Chapter 17: Free and Unlimited Coinage of
Silver.Chapter 18: Mental Spell.Chapter 19: Pot Pourri.
Chapter 20:
Ball, Cone, and Handkerchief.
Chapter 21: The Last Trick of Dr. Jacob
Daley: Four Ace Transposition packet trick.Chapter 22: Paul Rosini's
Impromptu Thimble Routine.Chapter 23: Vernon Poker Demonstration (Thanks
to Jay Marshall).
Chapter 24: The Thumb Tie: a full routine.
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