Main Wounds and Lacerations: Emergency Care and Closure 3rd Edition

Wounds and Lacerations: Emergency Care and Closure 3rd Edition

The revised and updated new edition covers all of the major clinical issues surrounding the care and closure of wounds and lacerations, including basic and complex wound care, anatomy, wound healing, infiltration anesthesia, cleansing, irrigation, choice of suture materials, consultations, and more. It provides clear, concise guidance on everything from the patient's arrival in the ED to discharge and follow-up care. And, more than 445 detailed illustrations-over 130 new to this edition-depict techniques for wound care and offer step-by-step guidance.Uses a structured guideline approach to wound care derived from expert opinion and research.Discusses basic wound care knowledge, as well as information on materials, instruments, and techniques.Examines the advantages and disadvantages of various technique and instruments, and offers "real-life" solutions to clinical problems in the emergency setting.Presents a brand new chapter, Emergency Wound Care: An Overview, that discusses the goals of wound care * patient expectations * and the risks of wound care.Covers deep cutaneous and necrotizing infections, infections and laceration repair, and chronic skin ulcerations in a new chapter on Complicated and Chronic Wounds.Features all new 2-color artwork, including over 130 new figures, that enhance understanding of techniques.Uses an all new 2-color design to highlight key information and make navigation even easier than before.
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