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Main Reflective Teaching in Second Language Classrooms (Cambridge Language Education)

Reflective Teaching in Second Language Classrooms (Cambridge Language Education)

Already accepted as a method of teacher development in general education, 'reflective teaching' is now gaining importance in TESOL training. Reflective Teaching in Second Language Classrooms introduces teachers to techniques for exploring their own classroom experiences. Numerous books deal with classroom observation and research, but this is the first to offer a carefully structured approach to self-abservation and self-evaluation. Richards and Lockhart aim to develop a reflective approach to teaching, that is, one in which teachers collect data about their own teaching, examine their attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions and use the information obtained as a basis for critical reflection on teaching practices. The approach is not linked to a particular method, but rather can be applied to a variety of methodologies and teaching situations. Each chapter includes questions and activites appropriate for group discussion or self-study.
Cambridge University Press
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