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Main The Experiential Learning Toolkit: Blending Practice with Concepts

The Experiential Learning Toolkit: Blending Practice with Concepts

The Experiential Learning Toolkit presents a very diverse range of practical exercises, which are based on the major theories of experiential learning. By being routed in the core principles of this method of learning, the activities create more engaging, effective and embedded learning.The author has compiled more than 30 internationally tried and tested learning "experiences", which cover corporate training, individual and organizational development and education. Each experiential activity includes the essential practical information required to deliver the exercise. As well as design tips and further reading there are clear titles for each activity that highlight the underpinning core theoretical concepts. The coverage includes a wide range of training needs and topics including: effective customer service training and telephone skills; outdoor learning, including service learning; negotiating and assertiveness skills; strategic and higher level thinking; effective presentation skills; developing innovative and creative minds.Trainers will find this an invaluable resourse, with fresh approaches that will engage and inspire learners.The Experiential Learning Toolkit is a companion text to the internationally best-selling Experiential Learning by Colin Beard and John Wilson (also published by Kogan Page).
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