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Main Page-a-Minute Memory Book

Page-a-Minute Memory Book

This book is filled with a good number of memory improvement tricks and techniques that are presented in a conversational style and kept to roughly a single page in length.

In addition to showing you various techniques, the author subtly weaves in ways that improve your observation skills, helps you form creative associations, and that causes you to remember.

There are little exercises through out the book, but they are just that - samples. There's nothing boring or done by rote. As you're reading along, several pages later (which could days later), the author indirectly tests you, validating that if you even try the technique, you get high return with minimal effort. Simply practicing seems to improve your memory even more.

Instead of spending money on all those mega-memory courses, this book will get you there in shorter time and in a much more entertaining manner.
Angus & Robertson
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PDF, 452 KB
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