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Main E-tivities: The Key to Active Online Learning

E-tivities: The Key to Active Online Learning

Beyond the hype of online learning lies a straightforward questio: how do you really deliver worthwhile learning online? This book, based on action research, provides a simple answer to this fundamental question by exploring a key technique that enables teachers and learners to use available technologies happily and successfully.

So, what are e-tivities? They are motivating, engaging, purposeful activities developed and led by an e-moderator. They are frameworks for active and interactive online learning. E-tivities are in the hands of the teachers themselves and promote active e-learning.

This is not a book about the technology of online learning. Practical, accessible and direct, it looks at personalizing and customizing teaching and learning. Written for use in any topic, subject or course, ''E-tivities'' explores:

* the importance of activities in online learning; * designing and running e-tivities; * the five-stage model of teaching and learning online

The book is backed up by extensive illustrations and case studies, and includes a unique collection of 35 Resources for Practitioners.

Gilly Salmon is the author of the best-selling ''E-Moderating: The Key to Teaching and Learning Online.'' This new book can be used either on its own as a rapid, results-driven guide to successful online teaching, or in conjunction with her previous book in order to further develop your e-moderating skills.

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