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Main Blended Learning: How to Integrate Online and Traditional Learning

Blended Learning: How to Integrate Online and Traditional Learning

The buzz phrase of the moment in the world of training is ''blended learning'' but...

* What exactly is it? * How can it help? * How does it relate to e-learning? * Is it right for your organization? * How can you implement it?

These questions and more are answered in this up-to-the-minute guide to the latest trend in training.

Essentially, blended learning is a workable solution that allows trainers and staff developers to integrate online learning with a broad range of more traditional learning techniques. Demonstrating how old and new methods of improving staff performance and learning can work seamlessly together to give better results, this book is the ideal guide to creating a new way of training. In her usual practical style Kaye Thorne shows how the concept of blended learning can be applied most effectively to help you take the first steps towards developing a blended training program. Case studies from a wide variety of organizations (from Rolls Royce to small businesses) illustrate what is emerging as the new (post-digital revolution) training of the future.

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