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Main Methodology in Language Teaching: An Anthology of Current Practice

Methodology in Language Teaching: An Anthology of Current Practice

As a long-time English teacher teaching English as a Foreign Language, I have used several methodology textbooks. I have long been looking for one book that answers some of my persisting pedagogical questions. I have found answers to those questions in the succinct articles of this anthology. In particular, I have found the following sections immensely useful and refreshing to read: section 1 (Approaches to Teaching); section 5 (Task and Project Work); section 13 (Teaching Writing); section 15 (Technologies in the Classroom); and section 16 (Professional Development). I use this book as a source to inform my current teaching of Technical Communication and other writing courses, and professional growth and development.

M. Solaiman Ali, Ph.D.
School of Engineering
King Abdulaziz University
Cambridge University Press
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
PDF, 52.27 MB
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l am teaching language
04 August 2016 (13:30) 
I am teaching English at higher education levels in Ethiopia. Can you help me get access to this book; it may help me in many ways.
Thnak you in advance!
02 October 2017 (14:19) 
Chamroeun Seth
I’m pursuing Master of Educational Administration. Now I’m in term 04 of my degree. In this term, I really need this book in soft. Would you mind giving way to access to get this book. It is so compulsory for me. Thanks in advance
18 November 2017 (07:36) 
It seems a rich helpful source.Iam a University teacher. My option is TEFL Thanks a lot .
07 April 2018 (00:28) 
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