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Main Information Security Policies and Procedures: A Practitioner's Reference

Information Security Policies and Procedures: A Practitioner's Reference

Everything you need to produce a comprehensive set of policies and procedures. Developed by corporate information security guru Tom Peltier and successfully implemented at numerous Fortune 500 companies, Information Security Policy and Procedures will substantially reduce the time and cost usually associated with developing corporate security policies and procedures. In an easy-to-use modular format, it supplies you with everything you need to produce a comprehensive set of policies and procedures, custom-tailored to your organization-quickly, cheaply, and without all the friction and frustration. Here's what you get: ·A complete set of security policies, definitions, standards, guidelines, and procedures, developed and field-tested by experts and guaranteed to fit your organization's requirements with little or no alteration·All the checklists, templates, forms, and documents required-ready to be customized to fit your company's unique style and focus·A CD-ROM containing a complete policies and procedures manual that makes it easy for you to download, modify, arrange, and use them as you see fit·Expert guidelines on how to write your own policies and procedures, complete with annotated examples that demonstrate good techniques and pitfalls to avoid·Step-by-step guidance on how to manage a policies and procedures development project, using an original, team-oriented approach, used by the author at numerous Fortune 500 companies·Expert advice on how to make a business case for and "sell" your policies and procedures
Auerbach Publications
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