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Main Vertebrate Biology

Vertebrate Biology

This long-awaited entry into the Vertebrate Biology market has been praised for its student-friendly writing style. The text contains many pedagogical aids for students including boldface key terms throughout and a comprehensive glossary. End-of-chapter pedagogy includes a list of supplemental readings, a listing of related Internet sites, and chapter review questions.
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This good textbook entitles Vertebrate Biology by Donald W. Linzey (2003). Its title is not as above. As the author addressed "Vertebrate biology is a broad field: there is no reason to ignore parts that may be currently unpopular or that do not engage us personally. Therefore, I have tried to
achieve balance in terms of the whole field of vertebrate biology: systematics, paleontology, physiology, ecology, etc. I have also tried to achieve balance both taxonomically and geographically", thus it is rather too wide the field for people like me as animal scientist. Again it is very well organised and easy to ready text.
J Thiengtham
27 January 2015 (09:24) 
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