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Main A Military Atlas of the First World War

A Military Atlas of the First World War

Arthur Banks' classic map study of World War I is now being issued for the first time in paperback, at a time when interest in the Great War is very much on the increase.

Banks' 250 maps present both broad general surveys of political and military strategy and closely detailed treatments of individual campaigns and engagements. These are supplemented by comprehensive analyses of military strengths and command structures and illustrations of important guns, tanks, ships, airplanes and personal weapons. Introductions to each major stage of the war on the Eastern and Western fronts, the colonial campaigns, and the air and naval war have been written by the distinguished military historian Alan Palmer.

In preparing this definitve atlas, Arthur Banks has drawn on an enormous range and variety of original sources, including the official histories of all the major powers. The result is not only a compendium of existing research on the First World War; the book corrects many long established errors and misconceptions.

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A very detailed military altas of WWI , thanks a lot to the auther.
26 February 2020 (09:06) 
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