Main Japanese from zero! 1: Proven techniques to learn japanese for students and professionals

Japanese from zero! 1: Proven techniques to learn japanese for students and professionals

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Japanese from zero 1
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very good book ))) its so easy to learn japanese from this book! thanks for everybody .
03 April 2020 (21:19) 
22 August 2020 (04:12) 
George Trombley (author of this book you are stealing)
I can't tell you how stressful it was to see books that I personally wrote myself being given away for free without any regard to the massive effort my wife, our staff and I put into creating them.I have dedicated the last 20+ years to teaching Japanese. I have hundreds of free videos on YouTube that don't just teach a little. They actually teach everything in our books for 100% free. Our only source of income is sales of our books.
30 October 2020 (19:10) 
Shut up nerd , the knowledge is for everyone there are people can't afford your book
04 December 2020 (14:17) 
It is a shame George,I have purchased your book but what led me here is it does not work with the kindle, hence I am here to get a pdf version. All your other books do, perhaps if you sold one that does work with a kindle people would not have to come here.
06 January 2021 (21:50) 
I want to buy it in epub not a pirated version
12 January 2021 (12:14) 
Sorry about that George. I'm currently watching your video alternative, but I would rather read it since that would be faster and I hear your books are nice. I'm also not really a fan of physical books, also.. what if I don't like the book? returning is a pain. Online is quick and simple. Don't like it - new book.
16 January 2021 (05:49) 
I thought authors are paid for this or atleast they gave permission, I'm so sorry to the author
06 March 2021 (20:57) 
I'll watch your vids George, it helped lots of people here but i hope u can take legal actions to remove ur book here
06 March 2021 (21:03) 
DareDevilDee ( a fellow weeb here for knowledge)
Hello George, Thanks for this book! I'd buy your book physically but its hard since the family is in a money-tight situation rn... I promise ill either watch ur vids or buy the book physically once i get the money!
11 March 2021 (16:35) 
"There are people that can't afford your book" ????? I mean they have internet and an electronic device to download the book, but yeah, can't afford a once payment of $20 for a book.
24 March 2021 (23:37) 
Hello George, i would really appreciate your all knowledge to provide us, i wish you will get the worth things as well as we learn from your precious book!
29 March 2021 (13:48) 
Blank Draft
George, I am really sorry. I am a poor guy from a third world country, I cant afford your book. I could live for a week with the price of your book. I am really sorry.
31 March 2021 (10:03) 
with lots of titles published all over the world, we can't afford to pay for them all. After testing it, if your book is worth reading and spending time on it, i'll buy it. if not, it will end up in the bin of my computer.
03 April 2021 (19:24) 
Nice book bro good shit
13 April 2021 (11:17) 

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