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Main Principles Of Global Supply Chain Management

Principles Of Global Supply Chain Management

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Supply chain management is the cornerstone of the competitive strategies of many presentday organizations and has evolved from the operational to the strategic level. Understanding this, Principles of Global Supply Chain Management offers a comprehensive insight into the global supply chain sector—analyzing the strategic, operational and financial aspects of the industry, and addressing the key elements in the management of global supply chains. The key topics of each chapter demonstrate a variety of fundamental issues in the supply chain industry: What are supply chain markets? What is the supply chain cost structure? What are supply chain strategies? How do supply chain firms design and implement strategies? What are the key roles of logistics service providers, logistics education operators and logistics associations? How should supply chain operations be managed? How is a sustainable and innovative supply chain structure created? Comparative practical case studies from Asia, North America and Latin America lend weight to the chapters.
Anthem Press (NBN)
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Anthem Studies In Supply Chain Management, Maritime Transport And Logistics
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