Main Introduction to Political Theory (5/e)

Introduction to Political Theory (5/e)

This new edition of An Introduction to Political Theory examines a fairly wide range of issues on political theory as identified at the beginning of the new millennium. It elaborates the nature and significance of political theory, concept of ideology, with a concise but searching description of various ideologies, including Gandhism and Feminism; nature and different views of politics and approaches to the study of politics ? traditional as well as contemporary, including normative and empirical, behavioural and post-behavioural approaches, with a focus on interdisciplinary perspective. It also examines the concepts of the state and civil society, particularly in the context of the contemporary trends in advanced industrial countries and the third world, theories of sovereignty, contemporary challenges to sovereignty with special reference to the process of globalization, and diverse perspectives on the state, including feminist and pluralist perspectives. It proceeds to elucidate the grounds and limits of political obligation, concept of power ? its structure and role, theories of citizenship, human rights, concepts of liberty and equality, theories concerning the right to property, concepts of justice and the common good with reference to various schools of thought, concept and theories of democracy including elitist and pluralist theories, notions of participatory democracy, people's democracy and deliberative democracy. Finally, it discusses the liberal as well as Marxist theories of social change, concepts of development and underdevelopment, alternative paths of development, sustainable development, environmentalism and the concept of political development. The author has adopted an analytical and critical approach that inspires readers to think for themselves rather than look for ready-made solutions. Writing in a concise and lucid style, the author has sought to make this book reader-friendly
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