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We Hunt the Flame

People lived because she killed. People died because he lived.

is the Hunter, disguising herself as a man when she braves the cursed
forest of the Arz to feed her people. Nasir is the Prince of Death,
assassinating those foolish enough to defy his autocratic father, the
sultan. If Zafira was exposed as a girl, all of her achievements would
be rejected; if Nasir displayed his compassion, his father would punish
him in the most brutal of ways. Both Zafira and Nasir are legends in the
kingdom of Arawiya--but neither wants to be.

War is brewing, and
the Arz sweeps closer with each passing day, engulfing the land in
shadow. When Zafira embarks on a quest to uncover a lost artifact that
can restore magic to her suffering world and stop the Arz, Nasir is sent
by the sultan on a similar mission: retrieve the artifact and kill the
Hunter. But an ancient evil stirs as their journey unfolds--and the
prize they seek may pose a threat greater than either can imagine.
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
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Sands of Arawiya, 1
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