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Main Hitler versus Stalin. The Second World War on the Eastern Front in Photographs

Hitler versus Stalin. The Second World War on the Eastern Front in Photographs

Hitler versus Stalin shows the brutality, horror and heroism of war on the Eastern Front as never before. Over 300 rare photographs, many recently released from the Russian archives and previously unpublished in the West, illustrate every phase and aspect of the Eastern Front campaigns, from the Nazis' early blitzkrieg successes, the battle for Moscow and the siege of Leningrad, through the street fighting for Stalingrad, and the Soviet successes at Kursk and Operation Bagration, to the climactic fall of Berlin and the link-up between Soviet and Western armies amid the ruins of the "1000-year Reich". This is total war in its most barbaric form: nearly 30 million Soviet soldiers and citizens were killed during four years of struggle against their German invaders.
Carlton Books Ltd
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This book description describes photos that I want to see, However, it is a lie. What is in the book is mundane rewrites of those who pervert history in order to promote the lies that mask the horrible history of past and current communism. I request that the controllers of this site offer us the book described above and say so that we may trust them.
04 May 2019 (05:05) 
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