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Main Open-source robotics and process control cookbook: designing and building robust, dependable real-time..

Open-source robotics and process control cookbook: designing and building robust, dependable real-time systems

With recent powerful developments in processor and sensor technology, robotics and the closely related field of process control systems are experiencing rapid growth and attracting many new hardware and software engineers. There is particular interest in using open source tools for these applications, with many companies, universities and laboratories desiring to build sophisticated systems without having to purchase an expensive real-time operating system (RTOS). Practical, authoritative information on this subject is scattered and difficult to find. In this comprehensive guide, experienced embedded engineer and author Lewin Edwards demonstrates efficient and low-cost open source design techniques, covering end-to-end robotic/process control systems using Linux as the development platform (and also as the embedded operating system), with extensive information on free compilers and other tools. Specifically the book targets development of real-time physical system controls using Atmel AVR microcontrollers communicating with Linux-based PCs for overmonitoring. It also covers open-source tools for other controllers, including MSP430, PIC and 8051. Code examples are given to provide concrete illustrations of tasks described in the text.
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