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Main CMOS IC Layout: Concepts, Methodologies, and Tools

CMOS IC Layout: Concepts, Methodologies, and Tools

* Practical, hands-on approach to CMOS layout theory and design * Offers engineers and technicians the training materials they need to stay current in circuit design technology * Covers manufacturing processes and their effect on layout and design decisions * Includes sections on database management, project scheduling, layout audits, and chip finishing * Discusses CAD software tools used in CMOS IC layout processes * Covers both theory and application of CMOS IC layout basic and advanced skills, allowing readers to apply the book's content to everyday work projects.CMOS IC Layout: Concepts, Methodologies, and Tools is designed to train technicians and circuit designers on the practical layout of CMOS ICs. Currently companies that specialize in IC development and production, like Motorola, AMD, Intel, etc., have trouble hiring circuit designers without a tremendous investment in training, or else paying top dollar for experienced designers. CMOS IC Layout will solve these problems by bridging the gap between theory and application.This book includes basic methodologies, review of basic electrical rules and how they apply, design rules, IC planning, detailed checklists for design review, specific layout design flows, specialized block design, interconnect design, and also additional information on design limitations due to production requirements.
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