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The Trainer's Tool Kit

Comprehensive and user-friendly, The Trainer's Tool Kit has long been a valued guide for trainers and managers in need of a quick refresher. Completely updated with hundreds of ready-to-use techniques, The Trainer's Tool Kit provides valuable nuggets of here's-how-to-do-it information on training topics including:* the principles of learning* budgeting for training* when to use case studies* handling difficult learners* ice breakers* facilitation tips* flipchart do's and don'ts* learning contracts* overcoming resistance* rewards and recognition

In addition to all the practical information included in the first edition, the book is now even easier to use. Updated material includes expanded coverage of retention programs such as mentoring and career and succession planning. Taking a fresh look at a broad range of ideas, The Trainer's Tool Kit shows how to achieve significant performance improvements through effective training in the current work environment.

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