Main Data mining with neural networks: solving business problems--from application development to decision..

Data mining with neural networks: solving business problems--from application development to decision support

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readers will find concrete implementation strategies, reinforced with real-world business examples and a minimum of formulas, and case studies drawn from a broad range of industries. The book illustrates the popular data mining functions of classification, clustering, modeling, and time-series forecasting--through examples developed using the IBM Neural Network Utility. Review Is your organization storing huge quantities of data that could be useful--but you don't know where to start? Do you have information about customers, distributors, markets, and competitors that you are not using to full advantage? And are you personally more interested in strategic applications and general overviews than mind-numbing equations and printouts of code?

If so, Data Mining with Neural Networks is the book for you. Written for a business audience, it explains how your company can mine a vast amount of data and transform it into strategic action. Highly Recommended for any company that wants to develop sound plans based on powerful quantitatitive and analytical methods.

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