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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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Don't really have anything to say yet
18 August 2020 (13:00) 
It’s sooooo good! I absolutely love jk rowling????
19 August 2020 (02:51) 
Gosh, this book ruins the series. DO NOT READ it completely sucks. The series was great- until this crappy book. If you are a major Harry Potter fan, avoid this book with a 10-foot pole. Probably more than ten feet. If you're planning on reading this, DON'T. It will ruin the series for you.
25 September 2020 (14:57) 
can u make indonesia language version?
28 September 2020 (05:07) 
Not a good book its absolutely ruins the whole series trust me
20 October 2020 (19:09) 
this book is fucking shit.... IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR HARRY TO BE AN AWFUL PARENT!!!!!!!!!
13 January 2021 (03:28) 
Adishree Padhihary
How is it possible!!!!! Harry to be an awful parent????? And Albus with Scorpious, huh?? ALBUS cannot lose the pride of his father in school!!!!
10 February 2021 (08:06) 
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