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“When you watch a film, you’re sort of an outsider looking in. With a book-you’re right there. You are inside. You are the main character.”

Alice Oseman is a favourite author of mine because her words are uncomplicated, her meanings are profound and it touches the deep corners of my heart and stay there. Just like a dream that I saw once, they are beautiful and Dee comfortable, they feel like home..
When she was 17, she wrote Solitaire. It makes me wonder what will I do when I am 17.. I mean, I don’t have any special talents like her, but one can hope.
“My name is Victoria Spring. I think you should know that I make up a lot of stuff in my head and then get sad about it. I like to sleep and I like to blog.”
Tori is a deep friend of mine just like the characters from Radio Silence. They are as confused as I am and carry a lot of sadness inside them and honestly don’t know what to do. Call it teenage angst, but is it really?
As Tori is cluelessly wandering through the school corridors, she finds a series of post-its which take her to the location of Solitaire, which turns out to be a random blog that pulls pranks on school. But Tori isn’t alone while discovering Solitaire, she faces Michael Holden, a boy who’s so perfect that Tori wonders why the hell is he hanging out with her??
Tori just like me, has a low opinion of herself, and is really a cynic.
“I don’t ever remember not being serious. As far as I am concerned, I came out of the womb spouting cynicism ans wishing for rain.”

This book has been referred to as The Catcher In The Rye of the digital age, and it’s somewhat true, but I guess Solitaire is unique on its own.
With really deep insights into mental health, friendship and finding one’s own identity as well as sexuality, Solitaire is a book that deserves to be praised.
As I don’t wanna spoil this AMAZING book for you, I should stop now.

“Tori Spring, I have been looking for you forever.”

And now that I have found her, I don’t wanna let her go anytime soon!!
23 January 2021 (16:50) 

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