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Main 1000 Multiple-Choice Questions in Organic Chemistry

1000 Multiple-Choice Questions in Organic Chemistry

These multiple-choice questions cover all core topics of Organic Chemistry. This book is a very helpful and highly recommended study aid for students preparing for A-level, GRE, DAT, Bachelor of Science, Engineering entrance exams, and Medical entrance exams.

This book will help the student assess the breadth of student’s knowledge and understanding of the core concepts of Organic Chemistry. Remember that the Multiple-Choice questions:

1. Are not simply definitions
2. Require application of recalled information
3. Require fine distinction between correct and nearly-correct statements
4. Emphasize conceptual understanding.

Organic Chemistry Academy
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It's very good for all learners
20 August 2020 (05:52) 
Anjali YADAV
Arthur winter organic chemistry
30 September 2020 (13:16) 
I loved this book. This book increase my knowledge
15 February 2021 (08:38) 
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