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Main Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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This book provides an overview of important trends and developments in logistics and supply chain research, making them available to practitioners, while also serving as a point of reference for academicians. Operations and logistics are cornerstones of modern supply chains that in turn are essential for global business and economics. The composition, character and importance of supply chains and networks are rapidly changing, due to technological innovations such as Information and Communication Technologies, Sensors and Robotics, Internet of Things, and Additive Manufacturing, to name a few (often referred to as Industry 4.0). Societal developments such as environmental consciousness, urbanization or the optimal use of scarce resources are also impacting how supply chain networks are configured and operated. As a result, future supply chains will not just be assessed in terms of cost-effectiveness and speed, but also the need to satisfy agility, resilience and sustainability requirements. To face these challenges, an understanding of the basic as well as more advanced concepts and recent innovations is essential in building competitive and sustainable supply chains and, as part of that, logistics and operations. These span multiple disciplines and geographies, making them interdisciplinary and international. Therefore, this book contains contributions and views from a variety of experts from multiple countries, and combines management, engineering as well as basic information technology and social concepts. In particular, it aims to:

  • provide a comprehensive guide for all relevant and major logistics, operations, and supply chain management topics in teaching and business practice
  • address three levels of expertise, i.e., concepts and principles at a basic (undergraduate, BS) level, more advanced topics at a graduate level (MS), and finally recent (state-of-the-art) developments at a research level. In particular the latter serve to present a window on current and future (potential) logistics innovations in the different thematic fields for both researchers and top business practitioners
  • integrate a textbook approach with matching case studies for effective teaching and learning
  • discuss multiple international perspectives in order to represent adequately the true global nature of operations, logistics and supply chains.

1st ed.
Springer International Publishing
Lecture Notes in Logistics
PDF, 21.68 MB
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Justine Ledesma
Eventhough I didn't finish it, honestly it's interesting to give me more knowledge to use it someday epecially for logistics ideas.
07 September 2020 (10:22) 
Ranido Andrew
For my own review, this book is definitely interested because there are lot of content that I've never encounter. But the other content is familiar for my past learning. To be honest this book are lot of content that i surely nice to learned and exciting facts about operations logistic and supply chain management. Some of the book are not familiar but willing to absorb the piece of detail about this book. Im not definitely read this book but i like this one.
07 September 2020 (10:33) 
Catain, Angelica
For my review in this book I think this is a interesting but also they have difficult part of the book but i am willing to learn and give more knowledge to me.
07 September 2020 (10:55) 
Donn Nathaniel
Objective of this textbook is Societal developments such as environmental
consciousness, urbanization, and optimal use of scarce resources also affect the way
supply chain networks are configured and operated. i haven't finish reading it yet but surely
this is an interesting subject to learn looking forward to it.
07 September 2020 (11:48) 
Jericho Ryan B. Mojica
Base on my analysis about the book review it was great because i saw many things to learn from but have difficulties in learning some of them but still learn a lot.
07 September 2020 (11:53) 
Ian Jay De Ocampo
This book is amazing the topic are good to talk and read about it despite that I didn't read it as a whole it gives me a few knowledge
about how the urbanization affect the supply and networks and maybe i can use that simple knowledge for future and for help. This topic is a good to discussed for those interested in this kind of field.
07 September 2020 (12:30) 
Jasper john bello
Very interesting textbook. Im excited to learn more about this textbook.
07 September 2020 (12:41) 
Alfeo Martin M. Boncolmo
this book provides an important trend about manufacturing and service industries and an interesting textbook including in this tittle.
07 September 2020 (12:59) 
Jeremy Casio
This books making more significant for us regarding to in the industries where in manufacturing and logistics giving assurance that this is interested.
07 September 2020 (13:03) 
Micaela G. Banzon
In the midst of societal change and modernization of technology, it most likely that the development of logistics and chain research will also change.

It is a fact that we need to know, a relationship that whatever happen to one variable will make the other to follow. In broad explanation, the changes in supply chains is based on the changes of continuous environmental industrialization, including societal development and continual modernization.
07 September 2020 (13:15) 
Jasmin Faustino
Base on my reading experience,i found the topic very informative.It developed and improved my memory and appreciate the value of reading.In order to understand the main thought of a certain book or topic,we must learn to love what we read in order to understand...❤️
07 September 2020 (14:24) 
Gillian Nikki C. Arguson
A very interesting book. I'll definitely read this book in my spare time. I downloaded a copy of this.

I'm excited to learn more from this book. Highly recommended to download a copy to read while staying at home due to this pandemic.

Hoping that I'll be able to understand clearly on my subject using this book.
07 September 2020 (14:25) 
Mary Colyn I. Ocsan
Informative book that you can also apply to yourself and found more knowledgeable and can also improved your skills by reading this kind of book.
07 September 2020 (15:05) 
Shirish Mae Aroma
this book provides comprehensive coverage
07 September 2020 (15:06) 
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