Main Advanced Organic Chemistry (Structure & Mechanisms)

Advanced Organic Chemistry (Structure & Mechanisms)

Advanced Organic Chemistry entails the specific reactions with regard to their underlying definitions, classifications, typical examples, reaction steps-mechanisms -explanations in an extremely lucid, unambiguous, simple language so as to render the text matter easier to understand and grasp the intricate aspects perceptively. The brilliant students will certainly adapt, adore, and accept an enormous ability to Design Synthesis in a comprehensive manner based on their acquired knowledge, wisdom, skill, intellect, and perseverance.

There are five major sections in Advanced Organic Chemistry, namely:
Section 1: Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry, Section 2: Name Reactions Based on Product Formed, Section 3: Rearrangements: Classifications and Mechanisms, Section 4: Organic Reactions and Mechanisms and Section 5: Some Novel Reactions in Organo-silicon Chemistry.

Each chapter comprises latest reference of books, scientific journals, and profusely studded with appropriate logical schemes, figures, and flow/block diagrams.
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