Main Outsourcing War to Machines: The Military Robotics Revolution

Outsourcing War to Machines: The Military Robotics Revolution

Military robots are already being used in conflicts around the globe and are affecting both the decision to go to war and the means by which wars are conducted. This book covers the history of military robotics, analyzes their current employment, and examines the ramifications of their future utilization.

• Clearly identifies the links between the technological developments of the most recent innovations and the ethical and legal challenges of the future

• Presents accurate, up-to-date information that is grounded in scholarly research regarding an ever-changing field

• Clarifies the capabilities aspect of military robotics and offers detailed analysis on why limits need to be placed on their development

• Includes tables, charts, and photographs to illustrate the main points of the text

259 / 280
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Praeger Security International
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