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Main Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

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The 12th edition of Organic Chemistry continues Solomons, Fryhle & Snyders tradition of excellence in teaching and preparing students for success in the organic classroom and beyond.

A central theme of the authors approach to organic chemistry is to emphasize the relationship between structure and reactivity. To accomplish this, the content is organized in a way that combines the most useful features of a functional group approach with one largely based on reaction mechanisms. The authors philosophy is to emphasize mechanisms and their common aspects as often as possible, and at the same time, use the unifying features of functional groups as the basis for most chapters. The structural aspects of the authors approach show students what organic chemistry is. Mechanistic aspects of their approach show students how it works. And wherever an opportunity arises, the authors show students what it does in living systems and the physical world around us.
12th Edition
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