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Anatomic exposures in vascular surgery

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Revised, updated, and expanded for its Third Edition, Anatomic Exposures in Vascular Surgery, is an indispensable guide for the vascular surgeon planning an operation.  This classic anatomic reference contains over 550 drawings by a renowned surgeon and illustrator depicting the complex anatomy of the vasculature and surrounding structures, and demonstrating the ideal exposure techniques.  The original illustrations will be presented in full color to fully convey three-dimensional concepts of anatomic relationships of the blood vessels and their surrounding structures, which will help to guide surgical decision-making in vascular surgery.   Concise legends and text describe the anatomy in relation to the surgical approach.

The book is organized by body region, and chapters are divided into anatomic overview and surgical approach sections, which allows the book to be used for extensive study or quick review, depending on the needs of the reader.   New sections to this edition include forearm compartment syndrome, forearm fasciotomy, and vascular exposure of the lumbar spine.   New concepts regarding surgical approaches to the blood vessels are updated in each chapter along with up-to-date references. 


Look inside and explore…

• NEW full-color art highlights key anatomic features and enhances information retention.

• NEW and updated text includes coverage of exposures required for the latest endovascular procedures.

• NEW chapter details retroperitoneal spinal exposures.

• Abundant drawings created by Dr. Gary Wind detail important structures and highlight the procedures.

• Concise and clearly written text makes complex procedures easy to understand and perform.

• Full-body coverage presents exposures for all anatomical areas, from head to toe.


Third edition
Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
587 / 605
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