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Main Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry provides both teachers and students with a clearly written and beautifully-illustrated introduction to core physical-inorganic principles. It introduces the descriptive chemistry of the elements and the role played by inorganic chemistry in our everyday lives. Chapters on catalysis and industrial processes, bioinorganic chemistry, and inorganic materials and nanotechnology include many of the latest advances in these fields. There is a new chapter on experimental techniques, and the large number of worked examples, exercises and end-of-chapter problems illustrate a broad range of their applications in inorganic chemistry. The striking full-colour design includes a wealth of three-dimensional molecular and protein structures and photographs, enticing students to delve into the world of inorganic chemistry.
Prentice Hall
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its very helful for students
all books and data very consptual its too good .
26 September 2020 (18:26) 
Jayanta Kumar Sahu
This site help me to improve my knowledge
12 January 2021 (20:34) 
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