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How It Works Book of Amazing Technology

The future is now with the new volume of How It Works Book of Amazing Technology. Discover the gadgets that will transform your daily life, learn more about the technology behind our most popular forms of entertainment and lifestyle products, find out about the incredible engineering behind our structures and machinery, and dissect the biotech that keeps us alive and enhances our own biological functions. Featuring:

Gadgets and Future Tech – When will we see domestic robots? What is inside an Apple Watch? How come a GoPro works in the water? Find out the answers to these questions and many more here.

Biotech – If you’ve ever wondered what surgical tools will revolutionise the operating room, or whether humans will ever receive bionic limbs, this section will satisfy your curiosity.

Lifestyle – Our daily lives are filled with tech, whether it’s in communication or our entertainment. Find out just how this is made possible within these pages.

Engineering – The world’s most incredible structures, transport and machinery would not be possible without the intricate engineering behind it.
Imagine Publishing
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How It Works
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