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Main When Breath Becomes Air

When Breath Becomes Air

ISBN 13:
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Viridiana Saenz
Please add the link again, I would really like to read this book
03 May 2017 (18:24) 
Kay Kay
Thank you so much ????????????????????
26 September 2020 (07:21) 
Banke Odusanya
This book is an eye opener. It made me re-evaluate my life. I had a lot of questions on my mind before I was done reading: Is it really worth it? To what end? Am I really having fun and enjoying my life by the side or is it all hustle and work?

I felt a mixture of pain and gratitude while reading. The contrast in the family broke my heart; as one life bloomed, another died.

It is a great book... ????????????
01 November 2020 (15:55) 

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