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Main Early Elementary Children Moving and Learning: A Physical Education Curriculum

Early Elementary Children Moving and Learning: A Physical Education Curriculum

A complete movement curriculum for early elementary children

Physical education is a critical part of early learning. Movement experiences exercise the whole body—including the mind—and can help children develop a lifetime desire for health and fitness and success in all areas of academic learning. With more than 100 developmentally appropriate physical activities, this curriculum promotes children’s participation in and enjoyment of creative movement that is inclusive, active, and fun.

Everything you need to get started is here, including:
An introduction to implementing physical education into your curriculum
An explanation of the ways creative movement supports children’s physical, social/emotional, cognitive, and creative development
Tips to create a positive learning environment, suggestions for adding equipment to activities, simple questions to evaluate whether or not the children are meeting the activity’s objective, and information on how the activities meet early learning standards outlined by NAEYC and AAHPERD
A wide variety of activities—plus extensions and adaptations for children with special needs—falling under five categories: openers and closers, basic movement, cooperative activities, educational gymnastics, and rhythm and dance
Curriculum Connectors that identify each activity’s correlation with content learning areas
A CD filled with original music to add joy and energy to the activities

Redleaf Press
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