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Main Modelling with Differential Equations

Modelling with Differential Equations

Motivated by the authors' combined ability and
experience, this book is about the concepts of
mathematical modelling with the use of differential
equations, as a powerful technique of mathematical
analysis. It is both enjoyable to read, and informative.
The reader's mind is continually exercised by
enlightenment, or recollection, or enquiry; either
something new is to be learned, or something
known is to be re-examined.
It is with mathematical clarity that the authors
explain the theory of ordinary differential equations
and introduce their manifold applications.
They show a skilful and imaginative succession of applications introducing such instances as accident risk or fish population; forgery detection in old masters or kidney life-support machines; and many others. They show the influence of these mathematical probes into problems occurring in biology, economics, geography, medicine, planning, psychology, or sociology.

Readership: Introductory courses for University undergraduates from a wide range of disciplines, and bright scholars in Sixth Forms.
Ellis Horwood Ltd , Publisher
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
Mathematics and its Applications
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