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Posthuman Bodies

"Its sheer breadth of scope makes it unlike the usual - science, technology, and society - texts, and its rigorous insistence on the transformative and inventive potentials of these technologies distances it from the denunciatory, technophobic texts that litter academic bookshelves. Since both 'the body' and 'technoscience' are such potent sites of recent academic investigation, "Posthuman Bodies' will no doubt draw a wide readership from the ranks of literary critics, film scholars, science studies scholars and the growing legion of 'literature and science' researchers. It should be among the essentials in a posthumanist toolbox."- Richard Doyle. ""Posthuman Bodies" is a speculative, or a performative, collection...[its] importance lies in its offering a singularly discriminating and singularly creative engagement with the imaginative project that Foucault, Deleuze, Guattari, and Haraway have been among the first to foster."- James Faubion. "Posthuman Bodies" engages in a vital interdisciplinary investigation of the emerging political technologies of the body in the wake of postmodernity-technologies apparent in fil, medicine, entertainment industries, politics, and the arts. This interdisciplinary collection reflects the growing concern with new interfaces between humans and computer and bio-medical technologies, providing a strong sense of the funamental changes underway that will radically alter the experience of our own and others'bodies. Automatic teller machines, castrati, lesbians and other queers, people with AIDS, people with multiple personality disorders, the Alien and the Terminator: they participate in the profound technological, representational, sexual, and theoretical changes in which bodies are implicated. The contributors are Kathy Acker, Alexandra Chasin, Camilla Griggers, Judith Halberstam, Kelly Hurley, Ira Livingston, Carol Mason, Paula Rabinowitz, Roddey Reid, Steven Shaviro, Susan Squier, Allucquere Rosanne Stone, Jennifer Terry, and Eric White.
Indiana Univ Pr
275 / 284
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Unnatural Acts
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