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Main Miracle Math: How to Develop a Calculator in Your Head

Miracle Math: How to Develop a Calculator in Your Head

Would you like to add columns of numbers as quickly as you can read them, or do multiplication without carrying numbers? How about doing complex subtraction or long division problems in mere seconds? Well, now anyone can become a math whiz with this amazing mathematical system that can have you solving problems in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication as fast as any calculator and with an even greater degree of precision. It's based on the same idea used in the Asian abacus, but it requires no more equipment than a pencil and paper. Now shoppers will always know if they're really getting the best deal on groceries, salespeople can compute and track their commissions with ease, and students can complete homework faster and more accurately than ever before. This system has already been proven successful for thousands the world over, and now you can put it to work for you too.
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