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Dirty First Dates: The Museum: An Erotic Short Story

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Dirty First Dates: The Museum

By Harley Laroux

Copyright © 2020 by Harley Laroux

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner

whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Image used for cover photo by Vinicius "amnx" Amano via

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This book is not intended for anyone under the age of legal adulthood. It contains graphic sexual scenes, including fetish, kink, and BDSM-related activities.

This book is intended as fictitious fantasy only.

This book is not intended to be used as a resource for sexual education, or as an informational guide to sex or BDSM.

The scenes within this book are not meant to depict realistic expectations of BDSM or fetish-related activities.


These are the kinks/fetishes within:

Pain play (including spanking, biting, scratching, pinching, hair-pulling), degradation/humiliation (including degrading language), use of the titles "Daddy" and "little girl," tears related to consensual pain play, biting/slapping of the breasts, public play (no witnesses), choking, fingering, oral sex, gagging/salivation related to oral sex, raw sex (no condoms), creampie.

Please proceed with caution.

I had never been so nervous waiting for a first date. Gabriel - the hottest guy I’d ever laid eyes on, who always managed to sit in front of me in every class, who I’d been staring at since the beginning of the college semester - had asked me out. As much as I’d wished for it, waited for it, fantasized about it, I still felt completely unprepared.

So unprepared that I’d begged my friend Hayley to come over to my apartment before work to do my makeup, because no matter how many Youtube videos I watched on “Easiest Cut Crease Tutorial Ever!” I was still completely useless at the art of smudging aesthetically;  pleasing powder on my eyelids.

“What’re you going to wear?” Hayley asked, tipping my head up as she dabbed her little brush around my eyes.

“Probably those black jeans,” I said, failing to mention that I’d already gone through my closet three times and was disgusted with my clothing choices. “And uh...that blue shirt...with the lace…”

Hayley’s little brush stopped dabbing. “Are you telling me you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt?”

“Well...uh…” I gulped, and opened my eyes to see her standing there with folded arms, frowning. “Yeah...kinda…”

“Damn it, Ash, hell no you’re not!” She huffed in exasperation. “Close your eyes, I’m almost finished.” Her smudging resumed, although her motions were harsher now. “When we’re done, I’m picking something else for you to wear. I’m not letting you go on a date with the guy you’ve been pining over without you looking sexy as fuck.”

With my makeup finished - glittering, golden, dark-lined eyes with false lashes that made me feel like an angelic doll - Hayley went straight to rummaging through my scattered clothes. She found my one set of lingerie - a white lace corset, with a lace thong and garter belt to match - and insisted I wear it.

“But we’re just going to a museum!” I protested as I stripped down naked. She helped me hook up the back of the corset, so tight that it squeezed beneath my breasts, pressing them up and closer together. I gasped out, “It’s just a first date, I can’t take my clothes off on a first date!”

“Oh please, Ash,” she said. “You’ve been wanting to get into this guy’s pants since your first class with him. If you don’t get some dick soon and stop sighing about him all the time, I might strangle you. Besides, I promise you he’ll want to get under these clothes. Better be prepared!”

She picked a gray plaid skirt for me, then a button-up black blouse. But I rejected the heels she chose, opting instead for a pair of lace-up boots: much more practical for walking around a museum, even if it didn’t fit her idea of sexy. She unbuttoned my shirt just enough for my cleavage to be seen, and curled my hair before pulling it up into a high ponytail, so that it cascaded around my head in waves.

“Perfect!” She clapped her hands happily. “Much better than jeans and a t-shirt!”

As Hayley left for work, I got into my car to head to the museum. It wasn’t far, only a 15-minute drive downtown, and I’d agreed to meet Gabriel there. I tried not to think too hard about who I was going to meet - every time his face crossed my mind, I got butterflies in my stomach. The filthy fantasies I’d had about him - daydreaming in class, or lying in bed - were enough to make me blush even then. I’d always been a bit of a perverted girl, but Gabriel really brought out a darker side of me. He seemed so quiet and studious, his dark-rimmed glasses usually fixed on his lecture notes or staring at the whiteboard. But I was certain there was another side to him.

Beneath his button-up shirts, there was a large tattoo of a wolf. I’d often seen it snarling above his collar, inked darkly across his throat. It was an intense, vicious piece, at odds with his gentle voice and quiet presence.

If there was a wolf in him, I wanted to see it.

The Metropolitan Natural History Museum looked like a relic itself from the exterior. Massive and dark, it would have looked right at home in London or Paris, like a gothic cathedral. It sat back from the road, on a large landscaped property, half-hidden amongst tall pine trees. I parked my car in the lot just off the road, and texted Gabriel that I’d arrived. His response buzzed onto my phone almost immediately.

I’m at the front near the rose garden. I’ll walk back to meet you.

My stomach somersaulted as I made my way up the gravel path. In the distance, I caught sight of him approaching: blond hair glowing in the sun, the vibrant tattooed wolf snarling at me over his collar. If it wasn't for that tattoo, he would have looked demure - angelic even. He smiled as he got closer, and gave me a little wave -

I almost tripped over my own feet, stumbling forward before I caught myself and awkwardly straightened.

"You good?" He chuckled, as I adjusted myself and tried to wave away his concerns while my face blushed brightly.

"I'm fine, yeah, totally fine!" My laughter sounded horrifically embarrassed, and I mentally slapped myself for doing something humiliating in front of him already.

"…" He held out his hand. "To make sure you don't fall again."

He was sweet...too sweet...impossibly sweet. I interlaced my fingers with his, but not before I noticed the word tattooed across his knuckles: "PAIN," in black Gothic lettering. The sight made my stomach clench in a weird but pleasurable sensation.

Gabriel had a way of bringing all my perversions to the surface, just by his presence. I had a sudden thought of his hand bringing me pain: slapping my face for being so silly and clumsy, scolding me and telling me to be more careful. A little tingle went through my body and I bit my lip, trying to keep my face from giving anything away. Why did the thought of him hurting me feel so good?

I shook myself out of it. Gabriel was talking, and it took some mental sprinting to catch up with what he'd said. I realized he’d asked a question, by the way he was looking at me expectantly with those big green eyes of his.

“Ash? Is that a yes to the rose garden, or…?” He smiled patiently as my brain finally processed what he’d asked me.

“Oh yeah! The rose garden! Let’s check it out!” He laughed softly, and I realized I’d made myself look like an even bigger ditz. We turned off the main walkway that led toward the museum’s entrance, and passed under a vine-covered archway then beyond a low stone wall. The gravel path narrowed, and soon we were surrounded by tall hedges and thick, fragrant rose bushes on every side.

Gabriel asked about my university classes, my major, how I'd come to live in the city: simple curiosities about me. Answering him was easy enough, but every time I tried to ask him about himself, my words were stifled with nervousness. But I warmed up as we walked. He was easy to talk to, and the warmth of his hand around mine felt intimate and soothing. I soon realized that he was guiding me: he gave my hand a little tug every now and then to keep me headed in the right direction, choosing our path as we meandered through the garden. I felt giddy and small the moment I realized it, and my steps got a little lighter.

In the center of the garden was a large fountain, with a tower of four cherubs pouring water from stone vases. The light there was warm and green-tinted, color shining from the leaves of the numerous plants surrounding us. I trailed my fingers in the water and stared at the sparkling pennies people had thrown in over the years. Sitting on the side of the fountain, I finally got the courage to ask, " there a story to your tattoos?"

He tweaked his eyebrow, a mischievous little smile on his face. "Some have more of a story than others. I thought about some for a long time...others were really just drunk decisions."

My curiosity peaked, and my eyes fixed on his snarling wolf, glaring at me from his neck. “How many do you have?”

He came closer to stand beside the fountain with me. “A lot…” He paused, and glanced around. “Do you want to see?”

I nodded eagerly - maybe too eagerly, but I couldn’t help it. My heart leapt into my throat as he reached for the top button on his shirt and popped it open. He kept going: down, down, down, slowly unveiling a mural of colorful ink across his muscular chest. He had not only a wolf, but a stag and a bear beneath it, surrounded by trees, plants, and planets, all encased within geometric shapes and lines. I was frozen in awe of the work, staring at him as I tried to persuade my mouth to start working again.

“Wow.” That was all I managed, breathless. He was beautiful, a work of art. He put his head down shyly, but he still had that mischievous smile. He liked the way I looked at him, and it made my heart flutter. I cleared my throat, struggling to keep my words steady. “What hand?”

He held up his hands, balled them into fists, and held them out toward me. His left hand said “PAIN,” which I’d seen earlier, and the other read “LOVE.”

“What does it mean?” I said. He cracked his knuckles and put his hands down, hesitating a moment.

“It’s not that deep,” he said, then softer, “I don’t want you to take it the wrong way.”

“I won’t!” I said eagerly, shifting my position on the fountain to sit facing him. “Judgement free zone here!”

My eagerness softened his expression. “It’s uh...well, I’m into some kinky shit. Love and pain...or a love for pain. Either way it works.”

My eyes widened slowly. “Kinky shit...huh…” My inner slut was absolutely screaming; she’d gone from 0-100 in 0.5 seconds and was writhing on the ground shrieking “Yeeesss, Daddyyyyy!” But on the outside, I stayed totally calm. “What...what kind of kinky shit?”

He laughed, albeit nervously. “Pain play...which is a little obvious I guess…” He looked musingly at his knuckles. I was worried that I had been too bold, that I was asking all this too soon when we were only just getting to know each other. But if he liked it enough to get it tattooed on his body, I could only assume it was a big part of who he was.

A part I was very excited to get to know.

To my surprise, he went on, “Let’s see, what else...humiliation...impact play...bondage...sorry, I don’t know if you know what this shit is. It’s all based on consensual scenes and roleplay, nothing creepy - I mean, I guess it’s a little creepy if you’re not familiar with it...”

“No, no, I get it,” I said quickly. Everything he was talking about was familiar to me, even if only from internet searches. I’d spent hours over the years watching dark, sexy videos of pain and pleasure, reading about fetishes, researching kinks, and realizing that I had way more of them than I’d ever suspected. Gabriel was speaking the language that I’d longed to hear come out of someone’s mouth for ages. I’d never felt like it was the kind of topic I could bring up easily on dates...or at least, I’d never been brave enough to do so.

Even this brief talk of it was getting me hot. I had my legs crossed tightly as I sat, but I could feel the heat increasing between my thighs, my pussy waking up from her passive slumber to throb eagerly. We weren’t even 15 minutes into our date! I had to play it cool.

“I guess we’ll get along just fine then,” Gabriel said, offering me a hand to help me up from my seat. “Some people get really weirded out...they think I’m a sicko or something…” He shrugged. “I guess I am...a little...but only if my partner wants it.”

I took his hand happily, and did my best to contain my wicked smile as we continued to wander through the garden. The scent of roses wafting through the air was like a drug, settling over me in a perfumed cloud. I felt as if we were walking through the gardens of Versailles: a fantasy of just us two alone, where he could do anything he wanted to me. Any awful, painful, sexy thing he wanted.

We reached the end of the gardens and walked back out to the main path toward the museum’s entrance. Now that I’d jumped right in with the intimate questions, I felt more comfortable with small talk. We presented our tickets and Gabriel opened the door for me, the cool air of the museum interior rushing out to greet us. It was like stepping into a castle: the gray stone archway swallowed me up, and although the interior had a modern design, it still carried the scent of old things. The entry hall was massive, with an arched ceiling from which hung the skeleton of an ancient aquatic creature. Its long spine was curved as if it was leaping from the waves, and its bone mouth gaped down as if to swallow me.

“Don’t let it eat you,” Gabriel leaned down to whisper in my ear, as I gazed up at the beast in awe. I couldn’t be sure if he meant to do it, but his hand touched my ass as he moved past me. Did...did I feel him pinch my butt as he did it? A little smile came to my face, even though I wasn’t sure, and I eagerly took his hand again.

“Where should we go first?” he said. Multiple halls led off from the main entry, with signs above their archways directing patrons to what lay within. At the very end of the long main hall was a massive stone staircase that split to the left and right on the upper floor.

“The crystals!” I cried excitedly, as my eyes fell upon the bronze sign designating the section for Gems and Minerals. I tugged at his hand, leading him along toward it. He let me pull him, and once we’d passed into the new hall, he pulled me close again. The lights were dim, and numerous glass display cases, sparkling with the rocks they contained, were ahead.

“I really like that skirt on you,” he said, as we walked close together. “It looks cute.”

It would look cuter if you took it off me, was what I wanted to say. But instead I smiled in happy silence. Thank you, Hayley! She’d been right to pick the skirt.

The Hall of Gems and Minerals was filled with elegant curving displays of sparkling stones beneath bright spotlights. Larger specimens were displayed behind red velvet ropes around the room, their crystal structures unbelievably massive. Cut and polished geodes were fixed upon the walls, beside signage explaining geological facts. I leaned eagerly over the cases, trying not to touch the glass, enraptured by the sparkles and colors. As I stood on my tiptoes to get a better look at a cluster of milky white quartz, Gabriel stepped closer behind me.

“That skirt is a little short, you know,” he whispered. “When you stand up on your toes like that, I can see your panties.”

My first instinct was to go flat-footed in embarrassment. Instead, after a moment of hesitation, I reached up a little higher on my toes. “Do you like the view?” He was silent, and I heard his boots squeak on the floor as he took a step back from me again; hopefully to admire the view. We were alone in the hall; it was too early in the school semester for children to come for field trips, and it was the middle of the week so most folks were working. It was almost as if we had the whole museum to ourselves, besides the workers and a few elderly folks making their way around out in the main hall.

“Best view I’ve seen all day,” Gabriel murmured, and my heart skipped a beat. “But you should be more careful about teasing me like that, Ash. I might not be able to control myself.”

I turned around slowly, my back to the crystals, the spotlights bright on my face.

“Oh? And just what do you think you’ll end up doing to me if I keep teasing you?” I asked innocently.

He reached out, and his hand caressed my face before firmly gripping my chin. The intensity in his touch made my breath shudder, the suddenness of it leaving me still as stone, our eyes locked.

“Naughty, teasing girls get punished,” Gabriel said, in a soft, sweet voice. “I can tell we have some similar tastes, Ash. But I don’t think you’re ready for that...not yet.”

That meant pain...punishment...kinky shit. I gulped. “I guess I’ll try to be more careful then.”

He smiled, and leaned down to gently kiss my forehead. My heart was a butterfly fluttering against my ribs, sent into overdrive by his touch. “It’s up to you,” he said. “You know what’ll happen now, I’ve warned you. You have your own decision to make.” He released my face, and clasped his hands behind his back as if to better control himself. “I’m just glad we’re getting to know each other better.”

“Oh, yeah…” I said faintly. How was I supposed to concentrate after that? How was I supposed to think about anything other than teasing him mercilessly until he punished me? My mind was going wild, about to run away with itself… I giggled, and put on the best innocent expression I could. “I’ll be good. Wouldn’t want to be a brat to you on our first date.”

His smile seemed just a little bit too knowing. As if he could see straight through my lie and right into the heart of my desires. “Of course you don’t. I know you’re a good girl. Good girls don’t want to find out what happens to little brats, now do they?”

His tone of voice was still soft, but it was also firm and confident. It carried the kind of dominance that made me feel small, my nervousness and excitement becoming a cocktail of anxiousness in my belly. I bit my lip and shook my head at his question. “No. Of course not...” Daddy echoed in my head, but no, not yet. That title would slip out eventually, I was certain. But I had to be patient.

“Good.” He offered his hand again, and when I took it, he squeezed his fingers around me possessively, his grip tighter than it had been before. “Should we go ahead then? The gems are in the next room.”

We went on, and my mind was spinning, the heat between my legs increasing. Surrounded by gems of every cut and color, I watched Gabriel move, glancing in the display cases. The lights shone in his hair and cast shadows over his face. I wanted to run my hands through that hair, I wanted to tangle my fingers in it and pull it. I wanted to caress my fingers over his tattoos, feel his skin against mine. What was wrong with me? I wasn’t supposed to give it up on the first date...even though I’d always thought that standard was silly. My brain was tumbling full-force down a rabbit hole of the “kinky shit” he’d referred to. Even with the most brilliant gems in the world before my eyes, all I could think of was how he would punish me if I kept teasing him.

...when I kept teasing him.

I leaned down, peering at the gems lining a low display case: rubies of every size and shape, from the most vibrant red to deep crimson. I bent lower, my skirt rising, and smiled wickedly to myself. The hem of my skirt brushed against the highest part of my thigh, then against my ass cheek. I was certain that from the right angle, it would give Gabriel a good view yet again.

“These ones are so pretty,” I cooed, as he came up alongside me. I remained in my position, bent over with my hands on my knees, and just for good measure, I swayed my hips a little. He sniffed in amusement, and suddenly, much to my shock, his hand brushed against the back of my thigh.

“They are pretty,” he said. “Red is my favorite color. It looks good on everything.” His fingers trailed up, sending goosebumps across my skin, and slipped just beneath the hem of my skirt, teasing under my cheek. I inhaled sharply, held my breath, and didn’t dare to make a sound.

“I think red looks best across bratty girls’ asses, if I’m being honest,” he said, as casually as if he were talking about the weather. But oh - the blood rushed to my face, and immediately my pussy was ablaze with need. “I love seeing all the shades of red I can create - with my hand, with a paddle, with a belt. Their skin starts off as just light pink, then redder, then deep, blood red - and of course, by the time it’s that beautiful dark shade, the brat is making all those cute noises from how much it hurts, and begging me to forgive her…” He sighed wistfully. “It’s been too long since I’ve gotten to see such a pretty red.”

I was afraid that if he didn’t move his hand soon, he’d begin to touch me in other places. As much as I wanted that, as much as I quivered with desire for his fingers to slip between my thighs and stroke my most sensitive places, I knew that if he did, he’d realize that my panties were damp. I certainly hadn’t made it a secret that I was into him, but the thought of having him realize I was already wet was too embarrassing. It wasn’t just his subtle touch turning me on: it was the scenario he was describing, and the thought of it actually happening to me.

I could imagine myself bent over his lap as he slapped my ass again and again, my skin becoming more tender with every impact, until it was so red and painful that every touch made me squeal. But despite the pain, I would be unable to escape, forced to take my punishment like the naughty brat I was...

I straightened up slowly, my lips pressed tightly together, and his hand left me. I was blushing fiercely; I couldn’t help it. I glanced over at him, my face hotter than the sun, words lost to me, torn between reality and the fantasy playing out in my head.

“I warned you,” he said, with a sideways look. “We may be in public, but don’t doubt that I can find a place to make your ass very red if you need it.” He paused. He must have seen something on my face, or in my eyes, because he snickered and shook his head. “God dammit. You really are a brat, aren’t you?”

I was tempted to wholeheartedly agree. Instead I shrugged nonchalantly. “Maybe. So what?”

“Brats need taming,” he said. “And you...damn, you’ve never had anyone put you in your place, have you?”

I tossed my hair back over my shoulder, all petulant sass to hide my own embarrassment. “No one’s ever tried. What, do you think you can get me to behave?”

Gabriel’s jaw tightened. We were still alone in the room, but a security camera in the corner meant eyes could still be on us. He took my hand again, and said, “The Dark Room is up ahead. Have you seen it before?”

“No…” I answered with caution, certain he had something diabolical up his sleeve.

“All the rocks and minerals there are fluorescent,” he said, leading me ahead toward the next, narrow hallway. The hall was almost entirely black, but the floor was dotted with sparkling lights, like a fairy’s path leading the way. “They glow under black lights.”

We stepped into the next room. Black lights cast the space in a deep purple glow, and the ceiling sparkled as if with stars. Within the glass displays, the stones glowed with every color of the rainbow: some smooth, some crystalline, some rigidly geometric. It was a stunning sight, magical, and for a moment I nearly forgot the things Gabriel had been saying to me before we entered.

But no sooner had my thoughts wandered than Gabriel spun me around, pushed me back, and pressed me against the wall. His hand gripped around my throat, and instantly I was plunged back into the mindset of a naughty brat, determined to tease him until he punished me. It seemed I hadn’t had to tease him for long.

“Safe word is “crystal.” I think that’s pretty appropriate,” he said, his voice tight. “Judging by the looks you’ve been giving me, I don’t think you’re afraid at all, are you, Ash?”

“Should I be?”

He was right: I wasn’t afraid. I was excited. I was giddy. All my wildest fantasies about the man were coming true and the only thing I truly feared was that I might become a human waterfall if he kept it up with the threats and the growling tone.

“You should be afraid, but I’ve found that self-preservation isn’t a brat’s strong suit.” His hand squeezed a little tighter around the sides of my throat, and my breath squeaked out of me, my head light. It was just a few moments, enough to give me a rush, before he softened his hold and used it only to keep me pinned there “But maybe...maybe you are afraid. But the fear turns you on, so it doesn’t faze you. The thought of me hurting you...that turns you on too, doesn’t it?”

I smiled as I nodded. Fear and excitement were one and the same in this case. His body was so close to mine, the heat radiating off his skin. His cologne smelled like jasmine and citrus; such a fresh, calming aroma despite the intensity of his presence. I shifted my position and my leg slipped between his, and suddenly I could feel the bulge in his jeans. I froze, my thigh pressed against him. He throbbed through the denim, growing bigger as I peered up at him.

“I guess I’m not the only one turned on,” I said, my voice strangled by his hand.

“Oh, trust me, I’m very turned on by the thought of putting you in your place.” With one more furtive glance back toward the hall, to ensure no one else was coming, Gabriel maneuvered me away from the wall and toward the display cases. “Bend over the glass. Take a good look at all those pretty stones.”

I did as he said and leaned over the display cases. I put my hands against the glass cautiously, expecting some kind of alarm to go off, but it seemed this museum wasn’t very up-to-date with its security. The stones glowed and sparkled beneath me, a menagerie of color, and Gabriel stepped close behind me. If someone did happen to walk in, with our backs to the hallway they likely would think nothing more of it than a couple standing a bit too close.

Then, Gabriel’s hand slipped beneath my skirt.

“Did you think that just because we’re in public, that I’d let you get away with being such a tease?”

My eyes widened, and it wasn’t from the beauty of the stones this time. His nails - cut short but still remarkably sharp - had begun to scratch lightly against my skin. Then, harder, he dragged his nails across my upper thigh and ass, leaving behind a burn. I sucked in my breath - the discomfort wasn’t unbearable, but it made me want to whimper from the sting. He did it again, scratching over the marks he’d just left, and the mild discomfort became painful enough that I hissed.

“You’d better keep yourself quiet, Ash,” he said. “Because I’m going to spank you right here, bent over this display case. You’re going to be walking around for the rest of the day with your ass burning, and maybe that will be a good reminder for you to obey.”

I gulped. Part of me had believed he wouldn’t do it - who would dare give a spanking in a museum? But before I could linger in any more doubts, his palm slapped across my ass. The shock made me yelp, and I immediately clapped my hand over my mouth in horror. He chuckled, his hand rubbing the stinging mark he’d just left. “Now, now, watch yourself. Remember, this is what you deserve.”

Smack! It stung, even through my panties. My mouth opened in a silent gasp as he struck me again. I was quickly realizing just how difficult it was going to be to remain completely silent. The urge to let out a sound - a whimper, a squeak, a cry, anything - almost overcame my determination to be as discreet as possible.

“I’ll make your ass red regardless of where we are,” he growled, his once-soft voice now undeniably vicious. “I’m not about to let your bratting go on unchecked, understand?”

I didn’t dare answer; if I tried to speak, my noise would come out and I didn’t know if I could stifle it again. Smack, smack, smack! Each swat felt harder than the last, or perhaps my skin was just getting ever more tender. I tried desperately to grip the slick edges of the case, focusing my tension into something other than the cries rising in my throat. My entire ass was stinging when he paused, and with growing alarm I felt his fingers hook around the edges of my panties and pull them up, wedging them between my cheeks and holding them there tightly. Not only did this bare my skin to his next rapidly administered swats, but the pressure of my panties being pulled up began to stimulate my clit. It was just enough to make my breath quicken, then hitch with every swat.

“I bet you’ll be a bit more careful taunting me with those peaks under your skirt, now won’t you?” His palm smacked down, igniting layers of pain. “Bend over a bit too far, and everyone will see how red your ass is. There won’t be a doubt in their minds that you’re just a naughty girl who needed to be spanked in order to behave.” Another swat, and then another. I clenched my jaw, a tiny whimper escaping me despite my best efforts. The sting was so great that my eyes welled up with tears, and my face burned with the heat of my humiliation.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. “I’m sorry I teased!”

He paused. “Are you? It sounds like you’ve changed your tone.” Another cruelly hard smack landed. This time, I couldn’t contain my yelp. I pressed my forehead to the display case and closed my eyes, trying not to dissolve into a whimpering mess. The knotted feelings of pain and pleasure were making me shake, and the tears that threatened to fall weren’t sad: they were stimulated, excited tears, the tears of one fully buried in a delicious submissive headspace.

“Straighten up.”

With relief, I straightened and turned to face him. I reached back to rub my tender skin, then quickly thought better of it. Just the brush of my skirt against my backside was enough to ignite the burn, and I knew I would be feeling it for the rest of the day, if not into tomorrow as well. I looked up at Gabriel with watering eyes, resisting the urge to hang my head. But my lower lip pouted, and he grasped my chin. “Any more sass from you?”

I shook my head quickly. I felt penitent, but more than that, I was painfully turned on. The act of being bent over, spanked, and trying to stifle my own cries of pain had my pussy dripping with need. I desperately wished that he had slipped his fingers beneath my panties and stroked me there - just a little, anything to ease the ache of my desire.

“You will respond with words when I ask you a question,” he said firmly. I could hardly believe that the man who had spoken so softly and shyly when we’d first met could sound so firm, so commanding. “You will say, “yes, Daddy” and “no, Daddy,” do you understand?”

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I nodded again, then caught myself. “Yes, Daddy, I understand.” My tongue nearly tripped over the title. I loved the way it sounded, the way it felt coming out of my mouth. It was sexy but degrading, and made me feel smaller than ever.

“Good girl.” He pulled my face toward him and kissed my forehead again, then paused as he looked down at me. My eyes lingered on his mouth, on those lips that could let loose such threatening words but in such a gentle voice. I wondered what they tasted like…

I stood on my tiptoes, and brought my mouth to his. His lips were soft but demanding, minty and masculine - he utterly devoured me the moment I let him. His grip on my chin moved to my throat as I kissed him, and his opposite hand seized my backside, gripping my stinging skin and pulling me tightly against him.

When we parted, I was breathless, stunned, and blushing. My heart was pounding, soaring with excitement. Gabriel released his hold on me, and chuckled as he carefully wiped my lip with his thumb.

“Smudged your lipstick,” he said. “It looks beautiful on you, but don’t bother to put on more.” He winked. “It’ll just get smudged again.”

After grabbing lunch in the food court, Gabriel chose our next destination: The Dinosaur Hall. Unlike the Gems and Minerals exhibit, which was built to be small and dark like a cavern, the Dinosaur Hall was huge, with massive windows on either side letting in the light. It had a view of the rose gardens in the front and the butterfly gardens in the back. The previous hall had felt intimate, private even - this one was as bright and open as a stage.

With every step, I felt the sting of Gabriel’s spanking across my ass, a constant reminder not to let my skirt hitch up too high. Regardless, I struggled with the constant temptation to push him again, just a little more. But I couldn’t be so obvious now: I couldn’t just bend over at the right angle and give him a peak. Otherwise it might be more than his hand punishing me; he’d mentioned a belt earlier, and was wearing one in his jeans. I didn’t know how he’d manage it, but I wasn’t about to doubt him again. I didn’t think I could keep silent if it was a belt across my ass, instead of his hand.

“I always loved the dinosaurs,” I said, my head tipped back as I stared up at the massive T-rex skeleton before me, displayed on a wooden platform. “They’re so huge.”

“I’ve always loved them too. When I was little, I wanted to be an archeologist.” Gabriel wrapped his arm around my waist in a comfortable embrace. He had punished me for teasing, yet even his most innocent touch was a tease for me. I couldn’t stop stealing glances down at his tattooed knuckles - the promise of pain inked there forever - and then further, to the crotch of his jeans and the source of my lust. He’d adjusted himself so his hard-on wasn’t obvious, but I knew it was still there. If I lifted his shirt, I’d likely find it tucked under the waistband of his jeans, throbbing and ready. My mouth began to salivate, and I shifted my legs a little closer together. I could feel the wetness in my panties against my thighs. Fantasies of taking his clothes off and having his cock down my throat wouldn’t get out of my head.

“Being an archeologist would’ve been fun.” I tried to stay casual, but my voice cracked and betrayed me.

His chuckled at my giveaway and his hand squeezed my waist. “I guess I always liked the idea of searching for something hidden, some buried treasure that I’d be the first to see.” His hand stroked down over my hip, then lower still, until his palm reached my ass and gave it a squeeze. I bit my lip, my eyes glancing nervously around. The dinosaur hall wasn’t deserted: several seniors wandered about, taking their time as they looked at the old bones. None of them were looking our way - for now.

“What, um…” I tried to collect my distracted thoughts as he continued to squeeze my stinging flesh through my skirt. “What made you change your mind? About archeology?”

“I learned how delicate you have to be with fossils. I can’t say delicacy is my strong point.”

I glanced up, and found him watching me. I didn’t want him to treat me delicately; I wanted to feel more of his roughness, I wanted his brutality and his sadism. I wanted his love for pain unleashed on me. Softly, I said, “I’m not delicate. You don’t have to be careful with me.”

His eyes widened, then quickly flickered around the room, assessing our complete lack of privacy. His tongue slowly licked his lower lip and his jaw tightened. “You might regret saying that, little girl. You have no idea what I could do to you.” His hand gripped me harder, igniting the burn from my spanking. “Or maybe you’re only being so bold because you think I’m limited here: do you believe that just because people are around, that I won’t find a way to make you wish you could scream?”

“You’re all talk,” I said sweetly, determined to push his buttons to the brink of explosion. I leaned against him and moved my hips back, so that I could grind against his crotch as I looked at the skeleton above us. “Your spanking stung, sure. I’ve tried to be good. It’s been at least an hour since I teased you at all.” I giggled, and glanced back at him. There was a fire burning in his eyes, vicious and hungry. “I bet there’s a lot of things you’d like to do to me, but you wouldn’t want anyone to see or hear. So, I think I might just have the upper hand. I get to tease and you get to threaten but…” I shrugged innocently, even though I was digging my own grave. “Not much you can do, is there?”

For a moment, I thought he might throw me over his knee right then and there. His grip was so tense I could feel a little tremble in his hand. I imagined myself being spanked in front of these people, and my stomach twisted and dropped. It would be so humiliating, so utterly degrading - yet the idea still got me excited.

Then, as suddenly as it had overcome him, the tension went away, and Gabriel’s smile was once again angelically soft. But his hand remained firmly holding the curve of my backside, a reminder that his devilish intentions had not left.

“Let’s go to the upper floor,” he said, beginning to lead the way before he’d even gotten the suggestion out, pulling me along by the wrist. “They have a planetarium; did you know that?”

I didn’t, but I did know that a planetarium theater would be dark...private. The twisting in my stomach increased. Was he going to spank me again? I’d asked for it, I knew I had, but my skin was so tender from his earlier punishment that I didn’t think I could possibly keep quiet. I’d scream, and everyone would hear.

“The planetarium’s shows are scheduled in the evenings,” he said, as we passed by a wall of bone fragments showing the evolution of a Velociraptor to a bird. “But the shows aren’t the fun part. When the movies aren’t playing, you can still go in there and watch the screen move slowly through space.” He gave me a cheerful little squeeze - too cheerful. He was plotting something and it likely involved pain. “It’s like being on a spaceship.”

We jogged up the stairway at the far end of the hall, beneath a huge arched stained-glass window. Gabriel was in a hurry, and it only took me a second to figure out why: the front of his pants was noticeably bulging again. What had he imagined doing to me to get him so turned on?

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked, a little tremble in my voice. I wasn’t sure if I was afraid...or excited...or a confusing amalgamation of both. I hadn’t lied: I didn’t want him to be gentle. I just wasn’t yet sure what that meant for me. How much pain had I earned?

“Well, I can’t have my date thinking I’m all talk, now can I?” More displays of bones in glass cases lined the walkway that overlooked the dinosaur skeletons below. The few people we passed glanced at us hurry by, and I imagined what they would think if they knew what was going on: there goes a bratty girl who doesn’t know what’s good for her, off to be taught a lesson by her Daddy. Serves her right. She should have known better than to be sassy, she should have watched her tongue. Now he has to make her cry.

The hall we entered was named “Planets and Stars.” There were no windows there: like the gemstone hall, it was kept dark so the beauty of the displays could be fully enjoyed. Glowing models of planets were set up on pedestals around the room, and the ceiling twinkled with a map of stars.

The hall was completely empty.

“There are ways to tame a brat besides spanking, Ash,” Gabriel said, releasing his grip on me at last. He left me standing near the entrance as he circled a model of the planet Mars: glowing red, it cast a bloody glow over his face. I suddenly felt the irrational urge to run; not because I was afraid of him, but because running and being inevitably caught would have felt good. It would have released some of my tension: the tension that was currently focused on making my pussy clench and grow hot, desperate for stimulation.

“Now, we’re only just getting to know each other,” Gabriel said, as I forced myself to walk further into the room. “But I promise you: I don’t just talk. I mean what I say.”

“I believe you,” I said, looking at the sparkling rings of Saturn so I wouldn’t have to meet his fiery gaze. I felt like such a baby: I was so bold with my teasing down below, where I’d thought he couldn’t do anything to me for it. Then the moment we were alone I felt small again. Where was all my sass now? Why couldn’t I summon it back up?

But now that we were alone, I was even more starkly aware of my stinging bottom, and of how easily he could spank me in the privacy of this room. My eyes flickered to his belt buckle, shining in the dim light, and my clit seemed to throb. I was dreading an impending punishment, yet my body decided to get more turned on!

“Oooh, but I don’t think you do believe me, Ash. I think I have to convince you.”

Gabriel curled his finger at me, and despite all interest in self-preservation, I walked toward him. Behind glowing Mars, he pressed my back to the pedestal, grabbed my jaw, and tipped my gaze up to him. “Administering pain is not always a violent act. It doesn’t require loud noises, flesh hitting flesh, the application of leather, chains, and ropes. Pain…” His hand left my jaw, caressed down my neck, and trailed over my collarbone. “Pain can be slow and torturous. It can be sensual...teasing even.” His hand moved down further, to the deep V of my low cut top, and traced over the mounds of my breasts. My breath shuddered at the intimate touch, then stopped altogether as his fingers slipped beneath my neckline…beneath my corset.

“I may be limited by where we are…” His fingers made contact with my nipple, arousing it instantly, making it an erect nub beneath his touch. I struggled to keep my noises reserved to the softest of gasps as he toyed with me. “Had I known that you’d be such a brat, I would have chosen a different location for our date. Somewhere much more private so I could deal with you properly. But limitations are only an opportunity to stretch the imagination.”

His fingers tightened, pinching around my hard nipple. I clenched my fists against Mar’s pedestal behind me, as a shocked whimper squeezed from my throat.

“Aww, does that hurt?” he said. “Your eyes are looking a little teary. Are these sweet little nipples sensitive?” He pinched harder, and this time my noise was louder. Instantly, his opposite hand covered my mouth, muffling me.

“Shh, shh, shh.” He shook his head. “None of that. You didn’t want me to treat you delicately, remember? You’re only getting what you asked for.” He twisted his fingers, and more pain came, and with it another desperate muffled whimper. But he was right: this was exactly what I’d asked for, and my body was buzzing, my heartbeat quickening, unbridled excitement flooding through me.

“Now, I’m going to give you what you want, Ash,” Gabriel’s voice was low, his mouth close to my ear. His breath was hot on my neck, sending goosebumps down my back as he spoke. “And you’d better stay quiet while I do.”

“Or what?” My voice trembled as his fingers pinched my areola, his nails digging into my skin just enough to hurt. I wasn’t sure where my sudden daring came from, the brat in me rearing up again to hurl defiance. “What if I don’t stay silent?”

Slowly, Gabriel popped the top button on my blouse - and then the next. “If you don’t stay silent, then you won’t get any relief for that needy pussy of yours.” My breath caught as I watched him release my last few buttons. He pushed open my shirt, his eyes moving between my gaze and my breasts, bound in their corset. The smile on his face grew as he looked at me, and goosebumps spread over my skin.

“You dressed so pretty for me,” he said softly, his voice suddenly tender. “You planned on having me take your clothes off, didn’t you?”

I didn’t dare answer. He slid my blouse off my shoulders and left it on the pedestal behind me. If someone walked it, there would be no hiding what we were doing; I wouldn’t be able to get my shirt back on quickly enough. Taking me by the arm he turned me, and his hands ran down my back, over the lace of the corset. “We’ll unhook this just enough...just enough to let me get to those pretty tits of yours.”

I felt the corset loosen, enough for him to shimmy it down along my ribs and release my breasts. He turned me back to face him, and his smile widened appreciatively. “What a good girl. Dressed so pretty for Daddy.”

He leaned down, and pressed his lips to my neck in slow, gentle kisses - then his kisses became bites. Vicious little nips along my throat and across the skin on my upper chest, leaving behind red indents. With every bite he got closer to my breasts and I grew more tense, shuddering with anticipation. My nipples were sensitive, just as he’d said. Even a light touch sent stimulation throughout my body and increased my arousal.

He paused right above my nipple, teeth so close I could practically feel them already, and glanced up at me.

“I know that needy pussy of yours has been begging to be filled the moment we had that little talk in the garden,” he whispered. “If you don’t keep silent, then I’ll let you go home without fucking you. And I don’t think you’d like that very much, now would you?”

I wanted to close my eyes, but I couldn’t bear to look away either. Instead I watched him smile, mouth open, teeth coming ever closer. “ did you...know that?” My words shook, overcome with arousal. I had never experienced such conflicting desires: I wanted to feel his teeth, yet I also dreaded them. I wanted him to touch me more, yet I feared the torment that would unleash as I became desperate for more.

“Oh, Ash. Did you really think I wouldn’t notice that damp spot in your panties when I was punishing you? Did you think I would have even punished you in the first place, if I didn’t know you liked it? Or that I wouldn’t notice how red your face was, or how your breathing got quicker every time I tugged your hand?” He laughed, as if I had asked the silliest question in the world - and then his teeth closed on my breast.

I wished he would cover my mouth with his hand, so I could at least make a sound and have it muffled. But no, instead I was left frantically trying to stifle myself as he suckled and bit, teeth scoring my flesh again and again. He moved from one breast to the other, leaving a trail of bite marks as he moved; some bites soft, some unbearably hard, so hard I feared he would break the skin. All the while he gripped my arms, holding me firmly in place against the pedestal. Even if I’d tried to escape, I would have been unable to get away. He had avoided biting my nipples - mercifully, I thought at first - but that swiftly changed.

He released my arms, instead using his hands to pinch both nipples tightly in his fingers. I clenched my jaw, moaning through my teeth, wiggling and cringing as he tugged cruelly at those hard buds.

“Oh stop whining,” he taunted, as I squealed from another twist of his fingers. “I warned you about being quiet, so watch your mouth. You wanted to see how mean I could be, didn’t you? Hm?”

I nodded, sniffling as my eyes stung with tears. “Yes...yes, Daddy…”

“For all that whimpering you’re doing, if I reached under your skirt right now, I’d find you dripping, wouldn’t I?”

I squeezed my legs together, embarrassed even without him confirming it to be true. “Y-yes...yes, Daddy...aahh…” He began to bite at my captive nipple, still pinched tightly between his fingers, nipping just the very tip of the sensitive skin in his teeth. I was gasping, trembling, my head light with the effort of keeping myself quiet. He moved from one nipple to the other, taking his time to bite and suckle each while keeping them tightly pinched.

“Please!” I gasped. “Please...please...too much…”

“Too much? You remember your safeword, don’t you?” He paused, his sparkling eyes looking up into mine.

I nodded. “I...I remember.” But I wasn’t going to use it: I’d whine and cry and beg, but did I really want him to stop?

Of course not.

He bit down again. I had to cover my cry with my own hand. The moment I cried out, I was met with retribution: the hand that was pinching me released, only to slap across my breast with a sharp, stinging crack. This time my cry was muffled even further, and his hand clapped over mine to ensure my shriek was nothing more than a stifled moan.

“Is that too much for you then?” he said, slowly releasing his hand from my mouth. I stood there gasping for a moment, as a few stray tears finally slipped from my watering eyes. It was a relief to let them go; a relief and a rush. He’d made me cry, and that turned me on even more. My pussy clenched, aching for his touch.

“You’re so mean,” I whined, barely above a whisper, and glanced back nervously at the entrance to the hall. No one had entered. We still had our privacy, but it was a fragile state: if I got too loud it would bring curious eyes, and I’d already been pushing the limits.

“I can be meaner,” Gabriel warned. “You didn’t want my delicacy, you didn’t want me to be careful. So, how do you like it, how mean I am?”

I wiped away my tears, my legs still squeezed tightly together. I tried to look angry, sad, perhaps contrite. I likely failed at all three. “I...I…” I knew what I wanted to say, but the words were stuck in my throat. I could barely look at him now without wanting to fall to my knees, completely degrade myself and beg for more of his cruelty.

I wanted to say...I loved it. I adored it. I craved every second of his pain, his torture. I wanted him to be mean to me, to treat me like a stupid, lewd slut. But how could I put that into words? Just the thought of it made my cheeks burn, and I wanted to cover my face and hide from him.

“What did I say about answering with words?” he said firmly, and I suddenly remembered his earlier command. His tone was slightly more serious now. “When I check in with you, I need a verbal answer so I know you’re still with me. Otherwise, how can we keep playing?”

I had to manage to say something. I gathered my overstimulated thoughts and managed, “I love it. I love it when you’re mean, it excites me, it…” I squirmed, and it brought out a cruel smile on his face. “It turns me on.”

“Now that’s what I like to hear.” Gabriel gave my breast another sharp slap, so unexpected I nearly screamed aloud. I bit hard into my lip, letting only a desperate whimper escape me. “Such a brat, yet you start whining the moment you get what you deserve. This is exactly what you asked for.”

With one hand still on my breast, his other hand caressed up my thigh, under my skirt. I sucked in my breath, humiliation setting in even before he reached between my legs. His two fingers massaged over my panties, over the dampness there and the mound of my lips. My breath shuddered out of me, almost hyperventilating. I was so wound up that even the gentle touch of his fingers over my panties was pleasurable.

“Ahh, has my little brat wet her panties?” Gabriel said, laughing as I covered my face with my hands, too overstimulated to look. “From all your whimpering, I might have thought that you weren’t enjoying yourself so much.” His hand slipped beneath the hem of my panties. I gasped as his fingers made contact with my labia, then stroked long and slow over my clit, then over the dampness of my hole.

“Poor girl,” he said, a hunger in his voice. “So messy. I bet you’d like this little cunt of yours filled, wouldn’t you?”

I couldn’t manage my verbal affirmative response, but I nodded eagerly. His fingers swirled over my clit again, sending shocks of pleasure radiating around my belly. Uncovering my face, I clung onto him instead, my arms around his neck, trying to keep myself steady as his two fingers slid back again - and pressed inside. He entered me slowly, massaging along my sensitive inner walls as my legs began to tremble and I clung to him tighter. I wanted to moan...I couldn’t keep silent…

He kissed me deeply, his lips and tongue acting as a gag as I moaned into his mouth. His fingers moved in and out of me, slow deep thrusts, slick with my arousal. His opposite hand massaged my breast, still stinging from his bites. My muscles tightened around his fingers, only increasing my pleasure as he quickened his movements. His body was hot and hard against mine, and I could feel his erection straining against his jeans as he continued to kiss me. God, I wanted that hard cock inside me: I imagined it filling me, even tighter than his fingers, stretching me. My arousal was so heightened that just from being fucked with his two fingers, I was nearing an orgasm. I imagined him bending me over, thrusting that thick cock into me from behind…

I sobbed against his lips, clinging to him desperately as ecstasy flooded my body. He wrapped one arm around my back and held me up as he continued to mercilessly fingerfuck me through wave after wave of bliss. My nails scratched down his back, the taste of his tongue and scent of his skin filling me as my orgasm wracked me.

It was an eternity...yet only a few moments...and slowly his fingers withdrew from inside me.

“ god…” I was breathless as we parted from our kiss, looking at him with blurred, half-lidded eyes. “That was...fuck…”

“That was only two fingers.” Still holding me up, Gabriel brought the fingers he’d thrust inside me to his mouth and slowly licked them clean, savoring my glistening juices. I watched him in absolute awe. “Imagine what my tongue will do...and what my cock will do…”

“Please,” I gripped him, practically groaning. “Please...I want to…”

“Patience,” he said. He eased away from me, took my hand once more, and raised it to his lips for a kiss. I was trembling on my feet, almost too light-headed to stand. “Part of pain is the suffering that comes with waiting. You’ll get more...oh, I promise you, you’ll get more than you can take...but you’ll have to wait.”

I wanted to rip his clothes off him, demand that he take me then and there. But I knew better. I gulped, and clung a little tighter to his hand. “Yes, Daddy.”

We wandered through the planetarium and watched the galaxies spin over us: the stars, planets, and nebulas, in a myriad of colors and twinkling lights. When we were done, we walked back through the hall of dinosaur bones as I clung tightly to his arm, fearful that my trembling legs would betray me at any second.

I couldn’t stop thinking of his promises of more, thinking of what it would be like to finally get him out of those jeans. I tried to concentrate on the exhibits, especially as we moved from the Dinosaur Hall into the Natural History rooms. Life-size dioramas of animals in their natural habitats filled each room, incredibly detailed and life-like. The rooms were themed for various ecosystems and historical time periods, with some showing saber-toothed tigers and giant mammoths. The dioramas were beautiful, but they still couldn’t overshadow the man who walked beside me.

We meandered through the round rooms, surrounded by scenes of the artic, of the jungle, and of forest creatures: a new little world in every room. Massive bears, great elk, and hunting wolves all stalked amongst beautiful life-like trees and plants. It was little slices of the natural world, cut out and brought here to be admired. I did admire them; as I stared into the white aspens and dark pines, I felt as if I was really there. But the sensations coursing through my body were a constant distraction.

I felt dazed, cum-drunk, wandering beside Gabriel in a cloud of desire. If he wanted me to suffer by having to wait, it was definitely working. The lingering high of my orgasm had moved from pleasure to frustration: instead of relieving how turned on I was, it had only made it worse. I ached with lust: a hot, throbbing need that I could only think of as my pussy being voraciously hungry.

Every time I glanced over at Gabriel, my eyes wandered down to his jeans. I could still see that hard, subtle bulge. But his patience was seemingly far greater than mine. While my horniness was a constant distraction, he seemed entirely unaffected.

It was honestly irritating that he wasn’t ripping my clothes off.

“You’re so quiet, Ash,” he said, as we paused before a scene of a lynx in the snow. “Something on your mind?”

“You know what’s on my mind,” I muttered. “You just want me to suffer longer though, don’t you?”

He laughed. “What do you expect me to do, hm? Bend you over right here and fuck you?” My face burned just from the thought. Oh, I could imagine him doing it alright: fucking me right then and there until I was a drooling, whining mess. I gulped.

“I wish you would.”

“Now I know that’s not true. You’d regret it. Your pussy is speaking for you.” He paused for a moment as he drew me close, touching me gently, the kind of romantic caresses I would expect from a far gentler man. “But I have kept you waiting, just because I like watching you squirm. I like watching your eyes widen every time I touch you, the way you try to walk with your legs a little closer together because your panties are wet. It’s so cute.”

“It’s mean,” I whined softly.

"Didn't I tell you I was mean?" He nudged my chin playfully, getting a smile out of me. "But our day is almost over. There's just one exhibit left I want to make sure we see."

Almost over...surely he wouldn't end our date like this, with me so unbearably turned on? Then again, if he did, it would be awfully mean, cruel even, and unbearably painful - exactly the kinds of things he loved. Just the thought of being left like this, with no relief until the next time I saw him, was enough to make me want to beg for mercy.

"Have you been in the butterfly house here before?" he asked, as we wandered back through the rooms, passing by the numerous animals that seemed to watch us pass with their shining glass eyes.

"No, they were always booked."

The butterfly house was massive, filled with plants. It had glass walls and was tall enough to house fully-grown tropical trees. The butterflies were delicate, many of them endangered, so the environment was carefully maintained to keep them alive. Only small groups of patrons were let in for a set amount of time, and it had always been a popular exhibit, usually booked for the whole day.

“Well, I got us in,” Gabriel said. Even with my distracting horniness, I immediately beamed with excitement. I had wanted to see that exhibit for years, ever since I’d come to the museum as a little kid for field trips. Bouncing happily, I threw my arms around his neck and squealed.

“I’ve wanted to go there for so long!” I said, and kissed his cheek before I stepped away. Much to my surprise, it was the most innocent of my gestures that turned his face red. For a moment, shy soft-spoken Gabriel was back, smiling at my glowing happiness.

We walked through a long, brightly colored hall. Butterflies and moths were displayed under glass on either side, their delicate wings carefully preserved and pierced with pins. Educational videos on the little insects played as we waited for our time to enter the massive greenhouse. Through a set of sliding doors, I could see little more than an expanse of greenery: leaves, vines, branches covered in moss, thick bushes, and numerous flowers.

“There’s lots of quiet places in there,” Gabriel said softly. “Private pathways, and so many plants and big trees…it’s easy to get lost in there.”

Quiet, private places...exactly what we needed.

“Group 2, right this way please!” A woman in bright yellow pants and a white blouse with a massive butterfly pin directed our group towards the entry. The doors opened, the fans turned on, and we walked in at the back of the group to the warm greenhouse. The air was damp, rich with the scents of dirt and plant life. Ahead, fluttering over the trees, were dozens of butterflies. Red, yellow, blue, and green, they floated through the air, bright wings flashing.

We entered onto a large grated platform, from which we could look out over the trees to the domed glass roof of the pavilion. Some of the group wandered off immediately, down the stairways on either side, while others lingered on the platform.

“It’s so beautiful,” I said softly, my eyes wide with wonder. Gabriel gave my hand a little squeeze, and we lingered there a moment, watching the butterflies float over the trees like little gemstone sprites.

After a few minutes had passed, Gabriel turned to me with a mischievous smile. “Ready?” I smiled in return, my stomach doing an excited flip. The beauty of this place was spectacular, but I still had something else waiting for me: the pleasure I’d been craving ever since I first laid eyes on Gabriel, and developed that insatiable crush that led us here.

We took one of the metal staircases down to the greenhouse floor. It was wetter there, with misters dispersing clouds of fine spray through the air. It made the whole place smell like fresh rain. After wandering down the main path, butterflies floating around us, Gabriel suddenly turned us aside. Trees curved over the pathway, vines hanging down from their branches, and flowers clustered around their roots. Moths rested on the trees, their massive wings spread against the trees’ dark bark. The path curved, taking us deeper into the plants and further away from the group. Gabriel kept stealing glances back at me, and every time his eyes grew a little brighter, a little hungrier. My heart stuttered, the heat between my legs rising again.

We had wandered to an area where it seemed only staff usually entered: a hose was coiled up off to the side, and there was a bench with some small puddles on it, as if it hadn’t been used for a while. The butterflies seemed to know this place was private too: there was an abundance of them nestled among the plants, fluttering from flower to flower, swirling around our heads.

Gabriel let go of my hand and turned to me, cradling my face - and kissed me deeply. My heartbeat quickened, thundering away in my chest at the thrill of his touch. His tongue teased around mine, slick and intoxicating, as his fingers caressed my face. I pressed harder against him, eager for more.

He broke away, and on that tender mouth of his was a sadistic smile.

"On your knees. Now."

I sunk down to my knees on the damp concrete. Gabriel stood over me, butterflies fluttering around his head and wickedness in his eyes. I had thought he looked angelic before, but I knew better now: he looked absolutely devilish. He reached for his belt buckle, and my mouth began to water. I felt like a dog being offered a bone, and I could hardly keep myself still as he loosened his belt and popped the top button on his jeans.

"Is this what you want?" he said softly. "I've seen you staring down at my crotch all day." He leaned down, close to my face, and whispered, "You're a cock-hungry little whore, and you're finally going to get exactly what you want, aren't you?"

I nodded, eyes wide, waiting for my treat to be unveiled. Then I remembered his orders, and said quickly, “Yes, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy. I’m getting exactly what I -” I gasped. He pulled down his zipper, revealing black briefs pulled tightly across the thick bulge I’d been admiring for hours. Then he tugged the briefs down too -

Damn, he was as thick as I had suspected, if not more so. His tattooed hand gripped his veiny shaft and caressed slowly over that tasty mushroom head, bringing a whimper of desire out of me. If his fingers alone had brought me to orgasm, I could only imagine what his dick could do. I wiggled forward, ready to take him in my mouth and savor him - but he grabbed my hair with his free hand and held me captive, allowing me only to gaze longingly at his cock.

“How bad do you want it?” he said, with amusement in his voice as I strained against his grip on me. The tug on my hair hurt, but I couldn’t resist: I couldn’t sit still, not when the one thing I wanted in my mouth was right there, just out of reach.

“Please,” I gasped. “Please, I just want a taste…”

“Spit,” he held out his hand, and I obediently let my saliva drip down onto his fingers. He stroked the slickness of it over his cock, so his skin shone with it, pleasuring himself just out of my reach. Up and down his hand moved, the motion hypnotizing. He drew in his breath sharply, and I looked up at his face to see his jaw was clenched, and he was biting his lip - god, I wanted to be the one giving him pleasure!


“Such a needy little whore,” he taunted. “If I let you go, you’re going to have to prove to me that you deserve to have this cock inside you, got it? You better choke on it.”

“Yes, Daddy!” I strained against his hold on my hair, my scalp stinging from the pull. “I will, I’ll prove it, please -”

He jerked me forward, roughly, but I already knew to open my mouth. His cock pressed all the way to the back of my throat, slowly enough that I didn’t gag, but I had to strain to keep my jaw open wide enough to fit him. His taste slid over my tongue - salty, masculine, so good it made me drool. He moved his hips, pulling back and then thrusting deeply into me. I struggled as he hit the back of my throat, the urge to gag nearly overtaking me, but I resisted. I began to lick at him with my tongue, stroking over his length. He gasped as he pulled back again and my tongue slid over the head of his cock, and I grinned as he caught his breath, still gripping my hair.

“More please, Daddy,” I whispered. His hold on my hair loosened, and I accepted that as permission. I took his cock in my mouth, suckling down around it all the way to the base, then sliding my head back and forth as my tongue caressed up his shaft and swirled around his head.

“Ahh, fuck,” he growled under his breath and I went at him with even more enthusiasm. I was sure to gaze up at him as I sucked, my eyes wide, teary with the effort. My pussy was hot with arousal, throbbing with the need to be filled. I moaned as I took him deeply, nestling the head of his cock at the back of my throat and contracting my muscles around him, vibrating with my vocalization. He pressed on the back of my head, holding me down on him. I couldn’t hold back a small gag, and he chuckled with pleasure and pressed harder into me.

“You wanted more,” he said, looking down into my eyes. “I guess the little whore likes cock more than air, doesn’t she?”

I nodded, my affirmative answer nothing more than grunts and moans around his shaft. His hand knotted tighter into my hair again, and I squirmed from the sting, wiggling on my knees. It seemed he couldn’t hold back any longer: holding my head in place, he thrust into me mercilessly, fucking into my throat. Tears streamed down my face, mascara running. I was determined to be a good girl for him, to take his cock down my throat as long as I could bear it.

“What a good little cock whore,” he said tightly. “Keep using your tongue, slut. Good girl.”

His girth throbbed, and I knew that if he kept going, he’d cum in my mouth and fill me up with that delicious seed. I could already taste the drops of precum on his tip, tiny treats for my enthusiasm that spurred me to keep going.

“Would my little cock whore like me to cum in her mouth?” I nodded, as best I could with him filling me. I wanted it, of course I wanted it! I wanted to gulp him down, swallow him up, savor every taste of him I could.

He pulled out of my mouth, leaving me gasping for him. He held me back by my hair, slowing his breathing in an obvious effort not to orgasm, as I whined at having had my treat taken from me.

“A little cock whore should have her pussy filled instead,” he said. He gripped his massive cock, just inches from my face, and my mouth gaped open, tongue lolling out with the want to taste him again. Immediately, the thought of having him fill me with his seed - not down my throat but filling my cunt until it dripped out of me - completely overtook my desire. When he dragged me up to my feet I went eagerly, knees wet from the damp concrete. Butterflies took flight as he moved me over to the bench and shoved me forward, so that I caught myself against it, bent over at the waist. I reached back, tugged up my skirt, and pulled my panties to the side as I looked back at him.

“Right here, Daddy,” I said, wiggling my ass with my wet pussy fully on display. “Fuck me right here please.”

He gripped my hips and maneuvered me back, rubbing the head of his cock over the wet lips of my labia. I couldn’t resist grinding back against him, eager to take him inside, to feel that wonderful stretch of his cock stuffing me full. He slapped the head against my clit, which was so sensitive it was painful, but I still arched back, eager for more.

“Fill me please!” I whined, holding my panties lewdly aside for his access. “Please give me your cock, Daddy, please, I -”

Without warning, he pressed his thick shaft inside me: deeper, deeper, to the hilt. I nearly cried out in pleasure, in pain, and struggled to stifle myself to mere gasps. He began to thrust into me, pulling my hips back with each rhythmic motion, ensuring that his every thrust hit me deep and hard.

I was gulping in my breath, mouth agape, barely managing to hold back my cries. I was so enraptured by the feeling that the drool from my ravenous cock-eating mouth dripped from my lips and onto the bench. It was embarrassing that I was instantly such a pathetic mess, and I tried to compose myself, but Gabriel made it impossible. He gripped the hem of my skirt, using it as a handle to pull my ass back against him as he fucked me, and with his free hand he reached up and hooked those fingers labelled PAIN into my mouth.

“Keep drooling for me, little whore,” he said, pushing down on my back so that I was bent over further. I couldn’t close my mouth now even if I wanted to: instead I was left panting, drooling, moaning with every deep thrust. His cock was hitting such tender spots inside me that my legs were going weak, knees shaking, and I sobbed around his fingers. He’d made a mess of me and there was nothing I could do, nothing I wanted to do except bend over further and spread my legs wider, and let him use me like his own little toy to be fucked to oblivion and filled with his cum.

“Your pussy is so fucking tight,” he moaned, his fingers pulling at my cheek so I was forced to look back at him. “How does that feel inside you, hm?”

“Feels good, Daddy,” I could barely speak, trying pathetically to form words around his fingers. “I want to…want to…cum…”

He tugged harder on my cheek. “Oh yeah? My needy little slut wants to cum already?” He chuckled, and pressed his fingers deeper into my mouth. He pressed them in up to his knuckles, nearly teasing at the back of my throat as I helplessly salivated around them. “Suck, like you did with my cock. Show me how badly you want to cum.”

I obeyed – or at least, I tried to. I caressed my tongue over him eagerly, relishing the taste of his flesh, trying to give those tattooed fingers the same treatment I’d given his cock. All the while he continued to punish my pussy, every thrust producing a subtle ache that burst into hot pleasure, building and building within me. The humiliating position only turned me on more, but I didn’t know how much longer I could obey him when I was teetering at the edge of losing all control.

I was certain I was about to cum, and terrified that I wouldn’t be able to keep silent. I tried to hold back - but the harder I tried not to orgasm, the worse the pleasure became until every nerve down there felt swollen, alight with ecstasy. I couldn’t stop - I couldn’t –

He must have felt the tightening inside me, the spasming of my muscles, for he tightened his grip on me and said sharply, “Cum then, girl, go on. Cum for me right now.”

His fingers forced my mouth to stay open as I moaned. I gushed around him as his cock continued to mercilessly pound my throbbing pussy, and only his grip on my skirt kept my knees from buckling entirely. My eyes rolled back, muscles tensing, the feeling absolutely overwhelming. I had tried so hard to hold back that once I’d let go, the sensation hit me full force and knocked the wind out of me.

“There’s a good girl,” he praised, and he abruptly pulled out of me, turned me, and lifted me up so he could lay me back on the bench. I stared dizzily into the sky through the glowing green leaves, watching as the butterflies passed overhead and feeling as if I was in a dream. “Hold your legs up now, slut, don’t make this difficult for me; wrap your arms around your thighs and hold them up, that’s it.” I did as he said, panting and whimpering as I watched him kneel down. He gripped my thighs, squeezing them tightly as my throbbing pussy dripped. “Aww, so wet. Don’t squirm too much, girl.”

Then he yanked my panties to the side and his tongue was on me, lapping eagerly between my folds and stroking over my clit. I squealed, an entirely unbridled sound as I lost control. First his tongue was wide, licking up every drop of me and massaging my flesh - then it was tensed and hardened as he flicked it over my clit and swirled around the sensitive bud. I held onto my legs as tightly as I could, keeping them out of his way as his mouth closed over me and he suckled and lapped at the same time. His tongue moved slickly over my hole, and soon my legs were shaking, vibrating as I clung to them.

“Oh, Daddy, please...please…” My words were garbled, cracking with the effort not to be too loud. He just gripped me harder, and his tongue pressed into my pussy. In and out, savoring me, teasing those aching walls. My eyes rolled back, my nails digging into my own skin - the pain was grounding, it was the tiny thread that was keeping me from screaming my pleasure for all to hear. “Daddy, you feel so good…fuck…”

His tongue changed course and focused in on my clit, torturing it with almost unbearable precision. I wiggled desperately, but there was no where I could go in such a position. Besides, he still had a grip on me, ensuring I stayed pulled close to him at all times, perfectly presented for his tongue to do its wicked work. His mouth moved in a smile at my struggling, but didn’t stop – my clit was pulsing, hot and ready, spilling pleasure through my veins. Gabriel groaned against me, and the vibrations caused just enough extra stimulation that goosebumps prickled over me from head to toe and I knew I was going to cum again.

“I’m gonna cum, Daddy!” I panted, my voice just above a whisper. “I’m gonna cum...fuck…”

My legs shook harder and he pressed down on my thighs as I desperately used one hand to cover my mouth, leaving the other to cling onto my legs and keep them up. Bliss washed over me once more, making my skin tingle and flooding every limb with waves of gratification. My mouth hung open behind my hand, little whimpers and groans coming out of me as Gabriel kept his lips over my clit, his tongue sliding over it as he drew out my pleasure to torturous heights.

The first orgasm had shaken me, but this one absolutely shattered me. I tried to escape from the pleasure, wiggling uselessly, but I never released my legs and he didn’t let up for even a moment. My pussy squeezed and throbbed with every wave, and I held my breath until I finally had to gasp for air. Gabriel chuckled with his mouth still against me: chuckled at my vain struggling, at my gasping, at the fragile control I had over my noise. It was too much, yet it was everything I wanted. My mind was wiped clean in a flood of endorphins and I could have sobbed from the intensity of it.

Weak and shaking, I watched him stand and carefully wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, shooting a cautious glance around. I didn’t let go of my legs, and managed to just barely keep holding them up. My pussy was pulsating, aching with pleasure, and Gabriel’s hard cock had leaked glistening precum down his shaft. He smiled at me like a devil, and said, “Do you want your cunt filled up with my cum, little whore?”

“Yes-yes...please...ahh...please…” He seized my hips, maneuvering me and angling me upwards just enough for him to slide inside me. He toyed with me at first, taunting my quivering hole by pressing in only his head – so that I would suck in my breath for that inevitable stretch, only to feel him pull out and press just the head back in when I whimpered in protest. “Daddy, please…I want it so bad…please…more -”

Then, all at once, he pressed fully inside me and I squealed, my feet kicking in the air. His face broke into a sadistic grin at my cry, and he showed no mercy as he pounded into me. My inner walls were so sensitive now, and all the nerves in my clit were still aflame from orgasming. Every thrust sent a shudder through me, and the squeeze was even tighter with my legs pressed together and bent over.

His thrusts were harder, faster, more determined now. I could feel the pulsing of an imminent orgasm in his cock, every minute difference in his size influencing my sensitive inner walls. I was still throbbing, my muscles tightening in the afterglow of ecstasy, gripping his cock as he filled me. He groaned, low in his chest, his grip so tight around my hips I was certain I’d be left with bruises. I looked up at him, eyes wide and teary, still barely managing to stifle my noises, and said softly, “Come inside me, Daddy...please…”

My words drove him over the edge. He pressed deep within me, groaning as he pumped me full of his seed. Every hard pulse of his cock reignited my pleasure and I gasped through his last vicious thrusts. If anyone was near enough to hear me, I didn’t care. All that mattered was that exquisite, all-encompassing bliss binding us together.

Gabriel held my hand tightly as we left the museum together, patient with my slow, tender pace. I was aching, my pussy sore and my limbs trembling. My head felt light, almost faint, my mind floating on a cloud of afterglow. He walked me all the way to my car, and paused there with me.

“You sure you’re alright to drive?” he said. “I told you: I can drive you home, and we can come get your car later.”

“I think I’ll be fine,” I paused after my answer, just to steady my shaking legs. “You destroyed me. In the best way, of course.”

He grinned. “I’ll take that as a compliment. But don’t think I didn’t see you shaking there. You’re in no state to drive.”

This time, I didn’t protest. Instead I cuddled a little closer to his side.

“What do you say I take you to dinner?” He was already walking me towards his car, guiding me. “That’ll get your strength up and we can come get your car later.”

I couldn’t resist. I would have been perfectly happy to never let go of his hand, but sinking into the front seat of his car as he opened the passenger door for me was surely the next best thing. Whatever we decided on for dinner, I knew it couldn’t possibly top him being first on the menu.


I hope this dirty little story of mine brought you pleasure, dear reader. I can’t thank you enough for choosing to pick up my work. If you enjoyed it, please leave a short (or long!) review on Amazon or Goodreads. An indie writer such as myself is always honored to know when my writing has brought you happiness. Until next time,

- Harley

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