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Main Introduction to Statistics in Psychology, 5th Edition

Introduction to Statistics in Psychology, 5th Edition

Introduction to Statistics in Psychology, 5th edition is the comprehensive, straightforward and essential student guide to understanding statistics and carrying out statistical analyses in psychology. Revised and updated throughout, the text offers clear and detailed coverage of the statistical methods used by psychologists. Key aspects of the process are highlighted throughout the text in special sections: * Research Design Issues' offers advice and guidance on important topics and concepts. * Examples from the published literature' highlight how tests have been applied in interesting classic and more recent research. * Calculation' presents and separates out the mathematical principles underlying the analyses. * Quick Steps Guide' - this new feature offers a practical, quick guide on how to carry out a statistical analysis in SPSS Statistics and helps students understand the links between the different tests. This book is supported by a companion website featuring a range of resources to help students in their studies. Self test questions, additional datasets and plus handy quick guides to carrying out tests can all be found at "Howitt and Cramer's Introduction to Statistics in Psychology maintains its lead as the best textbook in what is the most difficult area of study for most psychology students. Indeed, it is more than an introduction' its' clear and comprehensive coverage of statistical analysis from basic descriptive and bivariate techniques to multivariate methods will be a priceless resource for students throughout all years of study." Ronnie Wilson, University of Ulster
Prentice Hall
624 / 673
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