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A Gentleman's Gamble


Eliza Beucraft is in a pickle. She'd thought she'd successfully avoided marriage altogether, but her father has other ideas. Unless she wants to be stuck with the cruel gentleman of her father's choosing, she must find her own husband. Preferably one who needs her dowry and is willing to take a risk on her admittedly ludicrous plan. There's only one man who comes to mind. A man she despises after his devilish deeds two years ago, but one who she knows cannot resist a wager. Now if only she can remember that his kisses aren't real and that this marriage is only for show.

Everyone knows that Jed Cleveland has made more than his fair share of mistakes. He hasn't gambled in years, yet he's still paying his debts and making amends for his sins. But only one woman knows how close he came to losing his soul along with his family's fortune, and he's avoided Eliza Beaucraft ever since. She's the one woman who knows his darkest secret, and maybe the one person who can offer him salvation. But it isn't redemption she's offering--it's marriage. When she comes to him with a proposition that could give them both the freedom they crave, he can't help but take one last chance on fortune. And maybe, just maybe, he'll win more than he ever deserved, her heart.

Devilish Lords #3
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