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A Duke’s Distraction


Georgie Cleveland is well aware that true love exists. She may have even found it in the handsome young gentleman she's set her sights on. Unfortunately, her rival has the same designs on society's most sought-after poet. Now Georgie is forced to go to extremes to catch his eye. She could make him jealous, for example, by feigning interest in her sister's brother-in-law, the Duke of Roxborough. It is all for show, of course. Roxborough is far too dull for her tastes. So boring, so stodgy...yet, such a surprisingly passionate kisser.

With Roxborough's new title comes more pressure than ever to marry. His mother has prospective wives lined up for him, all perfectly fitted for the role. Why then does he find himself saddled with the wide-eyed Georgie at every turn? He has no use for someone so frivolous, not with the responsibilities he has on his plate. He should help her find a husband to rid himself of her distractions, but that's easier said than done when it quickly becomes clear that her taste in husbands is abysmal. To make matters worse, she seems to have the oddest effect on him. The more she tells him how safe and predictable he is, the more he's tempted to kiss her senseless.

Devilish Lords #2
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