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'Tis the Season for Lady Sarah


It’s going to be the wedding of the season…at least that’s what her mother keeps saying. Unfortunately for Sarah, it’s not her own nuptials that have the family in such a twitter, but her brother’s. Still, Sarah’s own love, Mr. Emmet Stallworth, a merchant, is in faraway lands where he’s attempting to earn enough to ask for her hand, so why not throw herself into preparations for her brother’s marriage?

Stallworth returns only to announce that he’s already married. Sarah waited for him, how could he do this to her? And then there’s the annoying Earl of Everly who seems to pop up at the least convenient times. The arrogant rake has that knowing smile and he keeps poking at her wounds. But when she nearly ruins her brother’s big day, it’s Everly who saves her. In that moment, Sarah can’t help but wonder if her heart had it wrong after all…

A Wallflower's Wish #4
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