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The Misgivings About Miss Prudencence


Miss Prudence sees the world in black and white. A convenient way to get through life...until she finds herself battling between right and wrong. Or rather, Mr. Right and Lord Wrong. Prudence has spent her entire life trying to live up to her great aunt's high expectations. For the most part, she's succeeded. During her time at Miss Grayson's School of Charm, she's smoothed over every last rough edge to become the perfect wife for the wealthy merchant her aunt has in mind. There's only one area of study that eludes her, and it's one that has become the bane of her existence. Music. Her aunt has a plan to hire a private tutor for intensive one-on-one lessons to fix her weakness, once and for all. The only problem? Her new tutor is the same boy who'd tormented her with his teasing and pranks as a child.

Well, he's not a boy any longer. He's a man...and he might just be her downfall. Or perhaps her salvation. One or the other. But either way, one thing is clear. By the time their lessons are through, the perfect Miss Prudence will never be the same.

School of Charm #4
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