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The Misunderstanding of Miss Louisa


It was all just a series of misunderstandings, really. It wasn't as though Miss Louisa ever intentionally sought out trouble. How was she to know that the Marquess, who everyone hoped would propose to her elder sister, would happen upon her in a ballroom, dancing alone in the middle of the night? They'd narrowly averted a scandal on that one. Or that time he'd caught her tumbling out a window... No one could have seen that coming.

Really, when her family shipped her off to the School of Charm to keep her from causing any more damage to her perfect sister's reputation, Louisa had done her very best to avoid attention. Particularly the attention of the Marquess in question. But when the Marquess arrives in town, her best laid plans are put to the test. For he seems intent of dragging her into the spotlight. And when the two of them are together, it's not just Louisa that's in trouble... It's her heart.

School of Charm #2
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