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Selling It for Fame and Fortune

Lights! Camera! Money! I'm joining DarkSide Productions to star in adult videos and make a small fortune!
I've left the ranch and signed up with Mr. Lamont's DarkSide Productions. Now I get to bang hunks instead of losers and get paid to have sex. Living the dream? Well, almost. I also have to be Mr. Lamont's date when he feels like taking me out and I have a sniffly little problem with a certain powdery performance enhancer.

Is it fun doing lines of coke off another girl's tits? Maaaaybe! But it's probably a bad idea. Especially when you need to earn money for college and get your chaotic life in order. Burt is still there for me, but most everybody else has been pushed out of my wild life. But I'm a star, baby! Hottest new girl at the studio.

Will word get out to my family? To my friends? You're going to have to read to find out! You won't be bored, I promise. Selling It for fame and fortune is a wild, horny, nasty time!
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