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Selling It to My Mother's Boyfriend

My name is Payton Douglas and this is a totally true story. I'm hot, I'm young, I'm single, and I'm Selling It.

I guess it's called being a sex worker. I didn't set out with a plan to do this. I caught my mom cheating on my dad with a hunky guy from the gym. When he came onto me and offered me money for sex, well, I needed the money. What was I supposed to do?

It started me down a long and kinky journey to becoming a superstar of sex work. I guess this first book is like my origin story, where you get to find out how it all started and meet my first and second customers. Trust me, I end up with way more customers, but that's for another book. Is Selling It just fun? No, there is also the money. Which is awesome.

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