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As Queen Elizabeth’s prized new lady-in-waiting, Corrina Huntington is beautiful, innocent, and eager to know the world beyond her sheltered home—especially the mysteries of love. Despite the queen’s vow of protection, Corrie soon finds herself swept into the intrigues of the court, rampant with plots and pleasures—and discovers more than she ever imagined.

Manly and magnificent, Count Rugar Kalisson swears vengeance on the insulting, overbearing English who scorn him for his Swedish heritage. He vows to best the vain queen’s knights in contest, and her ladies in seduction—including her latest pet. Love is not part of his plan, yet he and the sheltered English rose are soon drawn together by a reckless passion—a forbidden bond that will not only inflame the wrath of a jealous Queen, but provoke a diplomatic scandal.

Tudor Series #3
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