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A Scoundrel to Remember

Desperate to escape her controlling mother, Prudence Longacre becomes engaged to the first suitable man who will have her. The Earl of Reinhold may be boring as lint, but he is wealthy and titled. By high society’s standards – and Prue’s – that is all that matters. Or is it?

Aiden Donovan is neither wealthy nor titled. But from the first moment he and Prue accidentally bump into one another on a crowded street, she finds herself utterly captivated by his dark charm. Rough and common, Aiden is the complete opposite of Lord Reinhold. She shouldn’t be attracted to him…and she certainly shouldn’t be sneaking out to kiss him in the moonlight! As the day to her wedding draws closer, Prue is faced with an impossible decision. Will she listen to her head? Or for the first time in her life will she follow her heart?

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