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A Lord's Kiss

Unrepentant Rogue by Louisa Cornell - After being jilted by a mere shipping merchant in favor of her younger sister, Georgiana Addington is certain nothing worse can possibly befall her. Until the most inappropriate man in London asks her to dance. After a scandalous waltz that sets the gossips’ tongues wagging, the next morning, the man shows up in her family’s drawing room and announces his intentions to court her. Captain Ethan Dorrill dresses like a pirate, irritates her to the point of madness, and kisses like her heart’s desire.

Snow Queen by Mary Lancaster - Lady Alba Snowden lost her first love when she was seventeen. Since then, no man has touched her heart – until the summer she encounters wild, fun-loving Russian Prince Yuri Volkov, who is visiting London with the Tsar.

The Highlander’s Unexpected Bride by Tarah Scott & KyAnn Waters - Lady Alison has a penchant for mischief. How else could she end up in the bedchamber of the notorious rake Viscount Weston? She expected to rescue her foolish cousin, instead she finds herself engaged…and embroiled in the devious exploits of sex slave traders.

Dreaming of a Gentleman by Summer Hanford - Miss Rebecca Wycliff knows her place in the world, that of a poor relation beholden to her relatives for any scrap they care to award her. Still, she holds a secret dream for more, one that would see her tossed out on the streets, penniless, should her wish be uncovered.

Not Another Nob by Annabelle Anders - Family rivalries are no match for love. Neither is who they say they are. He thinks she’s a lady and she thinks he’s a gentleman. Even so, the seeds of romance are planted when they meet over a broken carriage and a small dog.

Lord Keeper by Tarah Scott - A midnight race for freedom leads Victoria Hockley, the Countess of Lansbury, to a churchyard deep in the Scottish Highlands. But not even hallowed ground can save her from the devil who’s pursued her from England, or from the furious Scot who swears to protect her.

The Maid of Inverness by Rose Fairbanks - Despite Douglas Randolph’s attempt to avoid Society and his responsibility as the future Duke of Inverness, news he is has inherited the dukedom reaches him deep in the Highland hills of Scotland. That problem pales into comparison to the wager he makes with the man known as The Marriage Maker. Sir Stirling James swears he can find suitable husbands for four ladies directly descendant from Robert the Bruce. Little does Douglas know he is to be the first groom.

One Last Promise by Amy Corwin - Bespectacled and plain compared to her two sisters, Martha Stainton cherishes no expectations, except, perhaps, to one day become a doting aunt. After the death of their beloved father, Martha and her two sisters must leave their home and become dependents of their aunt in London.

Marrying the Belle of Edinburgh by Lisa Boero - On a dark and lonely road, a masked gunman ends the life of the dashing Lord Carlyle. Distraught but determined, Helena, the bewitching Belle of Edinburgh, reenters London’s glittering society bent on tracking down her husband’s murderer.

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