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Unmasked by Her Lover


Lady Meg’s parents decide that the best solution to the scandal breaking over her head, is to marry her to her old childhood friend, Harry. Meg will not allow it. Instead, she persuades Harry to take her secretly to her twin sister’s house in Kent to ride out the storm.

Captain Lord Harry de Vere, a brave and dashing veteran of the Peninsular war, has never forgotten the enchanting playmate who once won his heart and rejected him. He is happy to enter one more adventure with her, though he has no intention of falling in love with her again. But this is Meg, and inevitably their simple plan is quickly complicated. Her sister Martha is mysteriously missing. Her brother-in-law. Lord Calvert, talks her into masquerading as Martha – which might have been more amusing had she not once been Martha’s rival for Calvert’s heart and hand. But Lord Barden, the architect of the scandal that was supposed to ruin four innocent young women, is expected for Martha’s masked ball. Meg and Harry prepare to bring him down once and for all – and invite the other three ladies and their new husbands to assist. Will Barden finally get his just desserts? And will Meg’s feelings finally be unmasked by the man she never wanted to love?

Season of Scandal #4
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