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The Wicked Wife


Lady Frances married her Scottish earl for love. Now one year and one child later, she feels bored, trapped and lonely, convinced Lord Torridon only married her for convenience. When she can stand it no longer, she flees his stately Highland home for the Edinburgh town house of her most scandalous friend, widow Ariadne Marshall. Unfortunately, she has also brought the Torridon rubies, which she stakes in an outrageous wager with Ariadne - that their own families will not recognize them at a masked ball. In no time, they are off to Blackhaven, and the infamous masked ball at Frances’s old home.

Little does Frances know that her furious husband is on her trail and that she is not the only one in disguise. Among all the masks, misunderstandings, and general Blackhaven mayhem, can Frances and Torridon find a way back to each other before it’s too late?

Blackhaven Brides #9
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