Main Lady of Ross

Lady of Ross


Malcolm MacHeth, one time Earl of Ross and pretender to the throne of Scotland, has languished in prison for half his life when his eldest son is betrayed and joins him in captivity. Malcolm’s wife, Halla, who has ruled his old earldom alone all this time, turns the disaster into a daring plan to free both men. But then Malcolm spoils everything; he doesn’t come home.

Hurt and insulted, with only the companionship of her faithful harpist, Muiredach, Halla leaves the safety of Ross to rescue Mairead, the brave young woman who has risked her life for the MacHeths and is now in trouble. Malcolm, who taught himself to endure captivity, finds his new freedom even more of a challenge. But when fresh dangers threaten Halla, his family and his people, he can only ride to their aid; and in doing so, embraces a lesser destiny and a greater love.

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